Flat Iron

Hi guys! I feel like I've been MIA for soo long  (I only just realised it's only been 6 days but it  feels like ages *sigh*- why am I so dramatic?) So, My love Affair with flat Iron started a couple of years ago on Instagram. I had just started following every food page I... Continue Reading →

Best Italian Food in London?

Possibly.... I love Italian food, I legit could eat pasta EVERYDAY. But Before I start rambling about how much I love this new Italian spot, Hi guys! Happy Friday, I can't believe half term Is almost over *insert dramatic scream here*. I also want to say Thank you to everyone who has been on my blog... Continue Reading →

Milk Train

So, I'm sure you've seen the ice-cream cone surrounded by a cotton candy cloud on Instagram. No? Where have you been? Let me take a minute and tell you of the perfect combo that is soft serve and cotton candy. This is legit what dreams are made of, I mean you can never go wrong... Continue Reading →

Microwave Brownie

Hello, Hello! Here's another mug cake (brownie) recipe. This recipe i found on one of my favourite websites- Bigger Bolder baking. This blog is a bakers dream come true, i mean it has so much useful information its unreal. The writer/ blogger Gemma makes baking so easy. She writes the easiest recipes that give great... Continue Reading →

What are Randoms?

Basically you know how sometimes somethings just don't fit under a name? yes? Well, under this section there will be a bunch of  (wait for it...) Randoms! Posts relating to food (obviously) but not necessarily a review or a recipe, maybe new food trends or random chit chat. I hope you Enjoy! xxx The Macaron... Continue Reading →

Kingly Court 1-The Life Goddess

Where is Kingly Court? Kingly court is based around the famous Carnaby street in Soho. It is one of my favourite places in London, I absolutely love it. It has different restaurants, all nested around an airy courtyard that also has additional seating. You can find all sorts at things at Kingly Court, including a yoga... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys! Heres another part of  The Macaron Addict! "From My kitchen" will be a section where I share with you guys the latest treats and bakes I've been making in My kitchen. I'll share with you tried and tested recipes that I swear by as well as new recipe challenges for me and for you.... Continue Reading →

Biscoff Cookie Butter Mug Cake

I hope for the sake of all things good you've heard of Biscoff biscuit butter. If you haven't, let me take a few minutes to tell you what this goodness is. Basically, Biscoff make these caramelised, crunchy, sweet biscuits that are HEAVEN. To make things better for their business and worse for people like me... Continue Reading →

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