February 2017

Flat Iron

Hi guys! I feel like I've been MIA for soo long  (I only just realised it's only been 6 days but it  feels like ages *sigh*- why am I so dramatic?) So, My love Affair with flat Iron started a... Continue Reading →

Best Italian Food in London?

Possibly.... I love Italian food, I legit could eat pasta EVERYDAY. But Before I start rambling about how much I love this new Italian spot, Hi guys! Happy Friday, I can't believe half term Is almost over *insert dramatic scream... Continue Reading →

White Chocolate & Strawberry Mug Cake

Hi guys! Happy Valentines Day to the Bae-less and Single Pringles! I'm back with yet another mug cake recipe- ( I love these, if you can't tell), they're just so nice and easy and QUICK to make. If you don't... Continue Reading →

Milk Train

So, I'm sure you've seen the ice-cream cone surrounded by a cotton candy cloud on Instagram. No? Where have you been? Let me take a minute and tell you of the perfect combo that is soft serve and cotton candy.... Continue Reading →

Microwave Brownie

Hello, Hello! Here's another mug cake (brownie) recipe. This recipe i found on one of my favourite websites- Bigger Bolder baking. This blog is a bakers dream come true, i mean it has so much useful information its unreal. The... Continue Reading →

What are Randoms?

Basically you know how sometimes somethings just don't fit under a name? yes? Well, under this section there will be a bunch of  (wait for it...) Randoms! Posts relating to food (obviously) but not necessarily a review or a recipe,... Continue Reading →

Kingly Court 1-The Life Goddess

Where is Kingly Court? Kingly court is based around the famous Carnaby street in Soho. It is one of my favourite places in London, I absolutely love it. It has different restaurants, all nested around an airy courtyard that also... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys! Heres another part of  The Macaron Addict! "From My kitchen" will be a section where I share with you guys the latest treats and bakes I've been making in My kitchen. I'll share with you tried and tested recipes... Continue Reading →

Biscoff Cookie Butter Mug Cake

I hope for the sake of all things good you've heard of Biscoff biscuit butter. If you haven't, let me take a few minutes to tell you what this goodness is. Basically, Biscoff make these caramelised, crunchy, sweet biscuits that... Continue Reading →

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