Oreo Mug Cake

Hey Y'all! You know what day it is - #TREATYOSELFTUESDAY!!!!! And today I bring to you An Oreo mug Cake! From one of my Fave  Baking Sites! Oreos- one of the GREATEST inventions EVER. I am one of those "Oreoheads", I LOVE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING to do with Oreos. I even attempted making Oreos at... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Cookie In a Mug

You're Gonna HAVE to pay me for this one or at least send me some sort of sweet treat (preferably salted caramel macarons). Say Goodbye to your random cookie cravings and Hello to the easiest way to get that cookie fix. No creaming of butter and sugar required = Heaven sent recipe! I LOVE to... Continue Reading →


Who doesn't Love Chinese food? If you don't, get off this page RIGHT NOW. I think my earliest food memory is probably having Home made Shredded beef, Ginger chicken and fried rice every Friday. I for one am a sucker for a good "high end"Chinese meal once in a while. I love fried rice and dim-sum... Continue Reading →

Biscofff Cookie Truffles

How pretty do those look? Hi Guys, How are we? I'm back ( I love how I keep saying "i'm back" as if I went somewhere- Gosh) with another recipe for you lovely people! I'm trying to work out a schedule of when to post and what to post. I think i'll start posting recipes on... Continue Reading →

Apple crumble for 2

Hi guys! I'm back with another recipe- but this time not a mug cake but a classic! Apple Crumble! Who doesn't love apple crumble? I mean its hearty, comforting and oh-so delicious. I love this recipe because it's SUPER quick and easy . I learnt this particular recipe from one of my Aunts (she's a special... Continue Reading →

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