Oreo Fudge

Hello, Hello! Welcome to another edition of #treatyoselftuesday. Today, I bring you Oreo Fudge! An Incredibly Easy and Yummy No bake Treat! Nothing beats easy sweet treats for me, so over the next couple of Tuesday's i'll be sharing multiple fudge recipes and SINGLE SERVING CHEESECAKE RECIPES as well! How exciting- I KNOW! I'm excited.... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Jam Donut in a Mug

Hello Lovely People of the Web! It's Already #treatyoselftuesday again! How exciting! Today's #treatyoselftuesday treat is an odd one. I must admit I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out, But I can gladly say it tastes like a Donut! A flully, cinammony? Donut! The genius behind the "mugnut" is Gemma Of Bigger Bolder... Continue Reading →

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