Cake and Bake Show

Hi guys!

Here’s my first random post. The Cake and Bake show!

  The cake and bake show is a cake and food fair kinda thing, where there are lots stalls selling different goodies from bakeware to yummy brownies and meringues. When I saw an email promoting the show I just Had to go. I couldn’t resist. So I went! Along with Namir (kowadakowa) a fellow foodie, baking enthusiast and( might I add) a lifestyle blogger! (check out his blog).

  It was pretty overwhelming when we got there. Soooo many people, if you know me you’ll know lots of people aren’t really my thing  (I tend to be antisocial sometimes, lool who am I kidding. Most times…). We eventually found our way around London excel and It was AMAZING! Soo many macaron stalls, I couldn’t even deal. My favourite was this cute stall “in love with macarons”, when i saw the stalls name I was like SAME! (lool, my life).They had THE cutest packaging, their macaroons were carefully nested in an egg crate! and not only were they Cute they were so yummy! The flavours we tried were (lemon, summer berry and salted caramel).

  I didn’t even pay attention to the stalls selling baking equipment tbh, I was there for the food (macarons to be exact). I couldn’t help myself.

  There was some pretty cool things, there was a cake competition and my favourite cakes were the ones that were macaron based (who would’ve guessed right?).

  There was a stand that sold hand made and painted ceramic graters and one that sold the cutest sandwich/ toastie making appliance. I believe it was called the “diablo” (unfortunately i didn’t save the photo i took of the diablo). Also, we came across this wacky cheese stand, they had The best cheddar. But, not only was their traditional cheddar amazing, they had unusual flavours, The one that caught my attention was a sticky toffee cheese (picture below)


  HOW COOL is that! and it works, I was a bit hesitant to try it, but wow! very different. A* for creativity.

  Here are some more photos I took at the show. Some pretty awesome things, like this large selection of fudge below!




This was a chocolate and cherry macaron. It was AMAZING ( nothing but the best from cordon bleu of course)


  It was a fun day and a different experience- one that I enjoyed a lot!

  And with that, i’ll leave you!

  I hope you enjoyed this random post and all these colourful photos!

  Keep an eye out for the next Cake and Bake show!

  The Macaron Addict.

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