London Eats: Milk Train

So, I’m sure you’ve seen the ice-cream cone surrounded by a cotton candy cloud on Instagram. No? Where have you been?

Let me take a minute and tell you of the perfect combo that is soft serve and cotton candy. This is legit what dreams are made of, I mean you can never go wrong with Ice-cream and cotton candy.

The go to spot for this AWESOMENESS in London is this Cute dessert cafe. I had been planning for the longest time to try this out and one evening after dinner at PingPong Dimsum, we just happened to come across Milk Train. I mean, we couldn’t just walk by ( who would walk by such a place?)


They usually have a range of flavours of soft serve and many toppings for you to add to your cone.You can also add their famous cotton candy cloud for £1 (do this- you’ll get Insta worthy photos, who doesn’t want Insta worthy photos?)  They also have speciality sundaes if you feel like going all out! On this day they had vanilla, matcha and chocolate soft serve.


I went for Vanilla soft serve with strawberry crunch and a cotton candy cloud (DUH?). Sounds quite basic but I’m a sucker for good ol’ plain soft serve, and I wasn’t tryna develop diabetes in one night.


LET ME TELL YOU- this stuff was AMAZING! Not only does it look soo pretty, it tastes pretty BOMB! The soft serve was creamy and rich and the cotton candy was PERF!

This is definitely something you want to try! I must warn you though, its pretty messy. At the end of the night I found ice cream stains on my bag and all over my coat, but it was worth it. I need to make my way back to Milk Train soon!

See what I mean by messy?

 You guys should definitely check it out! I know you’re tempted!

Salted caramel and popcorn Sundae.


The Macaron Addict.

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