Rome Eats II

Let the pasta filled adventures continue!

Day 4

Cornetto at La Casetta Di Monti

A cornetto is basically an Italian croissant. This one was a bit denser than your average croissant.


After getting my morning fuel, it was exploration time!

Exploring Testaccio

Testaccio – a hippie area of Rome, with a well known food market and a random pyramid!

I started my day quite early, so when I went to Mercatto Testaccio, I wasn’t very hungry and there wasn’t much going on. I took that as an opportunity to really explore the area and not do much, but take in my surroundings.


I also wanted to find The pyramid of Cestius. When I read that there was a pyramid in Rome, I thought it was quite random but cool still.


I’ve always loved pyramids, they’re so magnificent. I could stare at them all day. My love for pyramids probably stems from my time in Egypt during my Gap Year. That was one part of the CRAZY city of Cairo I couldn’t get enough of!

Trajan’s Market and The Imperial Forum Museums

Getting a reservation for lunch was a STRUGGLE on this day, I don’t know why. After finally managing to get a table for 3pm at Felice, I decided to head back to Monti and do some more exploring.

Museum time! I had been walking past this building that was giving me major King’s Landing vibes for the first few days, and I was wondering what it was. Turns out it was the worlds first indoor shopping mall!



Views from the top of the market.


I always love wandering around museums when I have time to spare.



Lunch at Felice

After soaking up the views from the top of Mercatto Traiano and seeing some Roman ruins, I headed back to Testaccio to have lunch at a pasta institution.

Started off with some greens that I didn’t take a pic of and then on to my FAVE -CACIO E PEPE.

IMG_2385 2.jpg

I just can’t get over how 3 ingredients come together so beautifully and simply.

After filling up my belly with perfectly cooked al dente pasta, I had the MOST AMAZING TIRAMISU DESSERT THING EVER.

IMG_2391 2.jpg

This wasn’t your traditional tiramisu, it was so so creamy and decadent. There were biscuits at the bottom and a delicious chocolate syrup on top. I wish it came in a larger glass, or even a bowl,

Fragolina at Pasticerria Barberini 

After lunch, I walked to this Pasticceria to get a treat for later. A wild strawberry tart that was HEAVENLY!


More pasta at La Taverna Dei Fori Imperiali

Dinner time!

Listen, I know you must be thinking, this lady is wilding with the amount of food she’s eating, but take those negative thoughts away from here. 🙄

This is a FOOD FILLED, FUN FILLED, SAFE place. Okay? Okay. 💆🏽‍♀️

Another several hours wait time and it was already 9pm. Quite late for me to be having dinner usually, but I needed some more pasta.

This time I went for a burrata and ricotta filled ravioli dish smothered in tomato sauce.

IMG_2417 2.jpg


AMAZEEEEEEE, decadent, rich and almost sinful.

10/10 would recommend this taverna. It’s really close to the colosseum and other sites in Ancient Rome.


Oh, did you know Stephen Hawking ate here? YEAH, he did!

It was now time to get some rest and get ready for a really exciting final day in Rome!


You don’t even know how excited I was for this. My cousin and I became a little bit obsessed with the Pope. Turns out he LOVES pasta and dulce de leche – a man that knows the good things in life, I have to be a fan.

My mum and aunt were also excited for me, so the excitement was much.

Breakfast at Panificio Bonci

To get ready for the full day of walking, I needed some fuel (I’ve said this many times, but please, fuel is important).

Viennoiserie for breakfast and some orange juice to wash it down with is always a good idea.

IMG_2436 3.jpg

Time for the Vatican!

Vatican City!

IMG_2444 2.jpg

I booked a guided group tour on Get Your Guide because I wanted to experience all the parts of the Vatican in a structured way (in typical Type 1 fashion). From the museums, to The Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica, I needed to see it all!

Vatican museums

It was a lot to take in. The museums were filled with the most beautiful art pieces, from tapestries to mosaics and of course, sculptures.


IMG_2525 2.jpg

Me when chemistry equations show up in my lectures..


No pictures allowed in the Sistine Chapel, so exercise your imagination.

IMG_2534 2.jpg

St Peter’s Basilica


Inspired by the Pantheon and designed by Michaelangelo, a stunning STUNNING view. If you’re part of the FitFam, you can walk up the dome – not me doeee. I enjoyed the view from the ground., thank you very much.

IMG_2558 2
Michaelangelo’s Pieta

The Pieta is now covered by bulletproof glass because someone attacked it in 1972, with a hammer. Yikes.

IMG_2570 3.jpg

This is a mosaic! How cool! Imagine how many pieces it’s made of!

Some more pictures..



This is the door that is used by pilgrims every year.

IMG_2574 2.jpg\IMG_2561.jpg





Pizza at Panificio Bonci (again)

After all that walking and taking in all the history of the Vatican, it was lunch time!

I had planned to have lunch at Pizzarium Bonci because I read that it was a Pizzeria not to be missed. However, after walking to the Pizzarium with my blistered feet to meet a MASSIVE crowd of people, my plans had to change.

I really wanted pizza, so I just went back to where I had breakfast and got pizza there. The 2 spots are siblings after all.

IMG_2607 2.jpg

I sandwiched the two pieces together so I could have a bit of sauce and a bit of potato in each bite. I really wanted cheesy Margherita pizza, but this had to do.

Tiramisu at Pompi

Sweet treat of the day had to be from the very famous Pompi Tiramisu franchise. There’s one in London, so yayy for when the cravings come!

IMG_2611 2.jpg

Pizza AND Pasta at Trattoria il Tettarello

This was going to be my last meal in Rome. Obviously I had to end the trip with a bang. I didn’t get just pizza, or just pasta, I got BOTH. YOLO guys, YOLO. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I started with the pasta.


It was a simple mushroom and garlic plate of pasta. Simple always does it for me!

After having about half the pasta, it was pizza time!

IMG_2634 2.jpg

This pizza is the one from Rome Eats I. It was so good, I had to have it again.

And with that, Rome eats is done! For now at least. I really fell in love with Rome and I weirdly felt at home. I would love to go back and explore not just Rome, but the entire country and all the food it has to offer!

Before I sign off, I wanted to let whoever’s reading know what I’ll be posting next. Through out the year, before second year started and Uni got INTENSE, I started writing weekend summary posts of the trips I took to London and what I ate. I want to share these before the end of the year, so keep an eye out!

Thank you for reading.


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