London Eats: Sunday Roast and a Cinnamon Bun

Okay, I have a weird love for Roast- I don’t even know you guys. I’m just gonna blame it on my Boarding School Days.

I remember how we would go to the dinning room, looking at the menu and hoping that it would be roast and there would be Yorkshire puddings. Loooll- how very British right? I know!

I’ve been wanting Roast for the longest time these past couple of years, so that I could re-live those days, but with BIGGER AND BETTER FLAVOURS!

Where else better to get your roast on than Hawskmoor-a well renowned Steakhouse, that has been on my “to eat list” FOREVER! I will definitely be going back to try their steaks and puddings!


 As you can see, the Menu is pretty simple- nothing too overwhelming. Roast per person goes at £20 and you get all trimmings!


I asked to get my beef cooked well done- not a fan of bloody meat. The Potatoes were HEAVEN- roasted to perfection and accompanied with a little jar of Gravy.


The Beef was not dry at all, and I even ate the Greens- new year, new me I think!

Also, on the massive plate was a rather large Yorkshire Pudding and grilled garlic ( I didn’t even look at it- no garlic breath for me). The Yorkshire Pudding was perfectly crunchy on the outside and also soft on the inside.

By the time I was half through the plate, I was stuffed and satisfied! To wash down the Goodness of Sunday Roast, I got a seasonal Lemonade. It was Super refreshing!


Next up on the agenda was dessert! I hope you didn’t think I would forget dessert? On this particular Sunday the sweet tooth was craving a Cinnamon bun, so I decided to try out one of the best Buns In London according to many websites.

I was super lucky, and The Nordic bakery was literally 2 minutes from Hawksmoor- YAY!


Cinnamon bun timeeee! You guys. YOU GUYS! I LOVE CINNAMON BUNS, like whenever I bake I hardly eat the finished product, but when it’s Cinnamon Buns, LAWD. I probably eat half the pan- what can I say? I make a MEAN Cinnamon Bun.


LOOK AT THAT! All that Sticky, Cinnamon Goodness.


It was a Yum Bun but it would have been even better if it was slathered with Cream Cheese Frosting- Cream Cheese makes everything better, honestly.

And, that’s it for today folks!

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