My favourite sweet eats

I think by now we all know how much of a sweet tooth I am. It’s quite surprising that I don’t spend most of my time in the dentist’s chair.

Today, I come to you with a compilation of all my favourite sweet eats in London. These places are my go to’s for when I need a sugar rush. Some I’ve been going to for a while, and some I have just recently discovered.

Vanilla Crepe Cake – Kova patisserie 

A perfect sweet treat, not too sweet and very satisfying. Light and creamy, 10/10, would recommend. Be prepared to queue at Kova though, although the line moves quite fast.


Any Cake or cupcake – Crumbs and Doilies 

You can read more about Crumbs and Doilies here. It’s one of my go-to’s for when those cake cravings hit! There’s always a nice variety including gluten free and even vegan cakes!



Rainbow cake – Hummingbird bakery 

If I don’t go to C & D, I go to Hummingbird. A London classic really. I LIVE for their rainbow cake.



Tres Leches- L’eto

Soft, spongey cake soaked in rich milk and covered with whipped cream. What could be more indulgent than that? Also very long queues here, be prepared to wait!



Hot chocolate – Said dal 

Another one with long queues, get a hot chocolate to go if you don’t want to wait-  tastes the same. The milk chocolate hot chocolate is MY FAVE. Get a small, as it is quite rich but SO SO GOOD!



Custard doughnut – Bread ahead 

Another London classic. Full of creamy custard and fluffy dough! I love making these at home too, they are a REAL labour of love- if I’ve made you these, just know  that you’re special.



Macarons –  Ladureé

How could I do a sweet treats post and not mention macarons? Ce ne’est pas possible!

My go to macaron is the salted caramel or strawberry candy marshmallow when I need a sugar high.



Macaron Ice cream sandwich – Yolkin 

The Macaron gets 2 mentions on this list- I am The Macaron Addict after all! If you’re not sure whether you want ice cream or a macaron, go to Yolkin and get them both!I recently tried the egg tart flavour and it was DELISH!



Coconut cream pie- Jacob the Angel 

An incredibly decadent treat. Full of creamy coconut and sweet, slightly torched meringue with a buttery base! I think this is a #treatyourself pastry.



Chocolate chip cookie – Prêt a manager 

This cookie is my latest obsession. Chewy and crispy, perfectly sweetened and very very more-ish. I also like that this cookie is easily accessible- cookies for all!


I hope you’ve found some sweet treat that will float your boat from this list! Send me pictures if you try any of these treats!

Thanks for reading!


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