London Eats: Chin Chin Labs

This really is the future of ice cream! You can say that i am a bit obsessed with ChinChin Labs- its just so COOL!

Chin Chin Labs is THE coolest ice cream parlour ever,  located in Camden lock market, the indie centre of London if you ask me. What makes it such a cool ice cream parlour you ask? Well just the fact that all their ice creams are handmade using nitrogen (NBD).

The ice cream shop itself is a hybrid of a kitchen and a lab! When you walk in you feel like you’re in a frankenstein movie, staff are dressed in wacky costumes and the layout is just Perfect. My reaction when i walked in was ” can i work here forever, PLEASE?”, and can I just mention their many kitchen aid mixers ( kitchen aid is mixer GOALS) !!!!

As you go in, you place your order at the counter and then move along to the pick up point. I got their famous “brown-wich” which is, a scoop of any ice cream of your choice sandwiched between 2 warm brownies baked fresh daily at ChinChin Labs. I went for a scoop of vanilla pod ice cream (quite basic but nothing beats good quality vanilla ice cream).


I was pretty excited (food does that to me). I was having that Kid in a candy store moment  when my order was ready, they had their sauces in glass beakers placed in a water bath! So cool Right?! I Can’t DEAL!


Heres me trying to be artsy.

Ugh, it looks so good right?  i bet you’re tempted to hop on the tube to Camden lock Right now, cos i am ATM. Not only does it look good, it tastes pretty good, I love the fact that you can see all the lovely vanilla pods. The nitro ice-cream was SOO creamy and delicious and the brownies were nice and chewy.

You should definitely Check them out. If you’re not satisfied at the store, you can order 3 flavours to go and they have bags of their toppings from (honeycomb to grilled white chocolate- HOW COOL)img_7170

I can’t get over how cool ChinChin Labs is. I’ll definitely be back and I already know what I want to try! (keep an eye out for when I make it back to ChinChin Labs).

PS: notice how I’ve over used Cool (smh- i definitely need to expand my vocab. But seriously, its TOO COOL!)

Signing off, See y’all soon!


The Macaron Addict

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