London Eats: CHUKU’S

YOU GUYYYSSS!! I can’t even contain my excitement writing this Post!


Let me just say, at the end of this Meal, both me and my food partner in crime were pretty happy, satisfied and just loving life- Right Yas?


Chuku’s is a pop up Nigerian Tapas Restaurant, that have now closed. Okay, hold up, before you close this tab.

You’re probably thinking why is she telling us about a place that’s closed. BUT I think Chuku’s plan on making a come back and I hope they do, you also Hope they do. TRUST ME! So be sure to follow them on Instagram @chukusldn, so you know when they’re BACK!


 You WILL want in on this. The Flavours in those dishes in that picture is Unreal!

Usually when I add a place to my “To eat list”, there’s something/a particular dish that takes me there. For Chuku’s, it was the Jollof Quinoa.

If you’re Nigerian or just from West Africa you know how much we love our Jollof rice.

It has led to many a debate on who makes the best Jollof. Take it from a Nigerian who has lived in Ghana, I am #team.. not gonna say (hahaha- yup), just because i’m not tryna start another controversial debate. Besides, that’s not really my decision to make. I Live by  “To each his own”- okay, this is becoming a bit deep.


This is the Glorious Jollof Quinoa, and you know what? It works. I mean, personally whenever I hear Quinoa, I’m Suddenly not interested, because I often associate healthy with tasteless.

OMG you guys, so I tried making “healthy cookies” the other day, and if you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen that they were not Great, they were MEH- who am I kidding, they were a FLOP!

Such a big flop, that I had to make Chocolate Chip Cookies the next day just to remind myself that I can actually bake, and boy were thoseCookies AMAZING. LORD.

There I go again. Going completely off topic.

So, back to the Jollof Quinoa, It was tasty, but I don’t think i’ll be switching From Jollof Rice to Jollof Quinoa at home anytime soon.

Okay. So, my favourite thing from the feast we had were the Suya Prawns.


 Suya is basically a gift from the Gods, it’s essentially barbecued meat or chicken. That is covered in Kuli Kuli- which is basically powdered groundnuts and spices- I think.

These Suya Prawns were so full of flavour and A1 I tell you.

Another one of my favourite dishes was the peppered gizzard.


I also really liked the Caramel Kuli Kuli Chicken.


I mean, I enjoyed Everything. I really did.


I love the whole concept of taking well loved Nigerian dishes and Innovating them. We tried 7 out of 9 of their dishes- LOOLL #foodielife. The portions were perfect for sharing- that’s the point of tapas after all.

The Canvas Cafe where the pop up was happening was all “decked” out in Nigerian Mementos, from pictures of famous Nigerians to Popular Books and quotes in various Nigerian Languages.


I don’t think this is 100% grammatically correct- but A* for effort.


They even had Desserts with a Nigerian Twist! Like Chin Chin Cheesecake…




Lord, Plantain- I feel like I should do a whole post just professing my Love for the Goodness that is Plantain.


This was one of those experiences that I’ll probably be talking about for THE longest time.

I have to also say, the sibling duo behind CHUKU’s were also extremely friendly and hospitable.

I loved CHUKU’s, It felt like I was back at home.

So Guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed my random ramblings and Foodie Chronicles thus far.

I just want to reflect a bit on my Blogging journey so far.

I have really enjoyed writing, even more than I thought I would. TMA is 4 months Today – don’t look at me like that -(it’s basically my child uno).

Please leave your comments on what you think of TMA so far- I’d really appreciate it! If you have any suggestions or tips- LET ME KNOW!

Thank you for the support, the views from all over the world, somedays just that 1 view  makes my day- knowing that someone out there takes the time to read my ramblings- Thank you!

As well as being a foodie I am also a student- unfortunately. Someone get me out of here! Please. I cannot Deal with all these ionic equations and organic chemistry, my brain is gonna implode soon.

Anyways, because end of the school year and blah blah blah, some pretty scary exams are approaching and i’ve decided to just take a step back and take a break from TMA- oh no, don’t cry i’ll be back! Promise!

In the Meantime, you can keep up with me on Instagram if you wish! @themacaronaddict_

Thank you Again!


The Macaron Addict.

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