Pasta Stir-fry

I LOVE pasta, like love love. Like I love pasta so much I could probably eat pasta every single day and not get tired of it. Because I’m trying to “repair my gut”, I’m also trying to stay away from gluten so this pasta was suggested to me.

I was hesitant ngl, because have you had gluten free anything before? tastes OFF. But I was pleasantly surprised, I fell in love with this new kind of pasta so much so, that I ordered a box of 6 from amazon!

IMG_4356.jpgMy usual go-to pasta dish is Mac and cheese, but we all know it isn’t the healthiest. So I cooked up a dish that’s pretty easy to put together. I’m planning on sharing my favourite healthy recipes but I just wanted to say that for me when I cook, I wing it most of the time. I like the freedom that comes with cooking. There’s no need for measuring spoons, cups and scales. So a lot of these recipes won’t be very technical but i’ll try to give as much guidance as possible?

All you need for this DELICIOUS pasta is, pasta (obvsss), peppers, canned chickpeas, loadsssaaaaaaa garlic, olive oil, parsley, salt, black and white pepper, chilli flakes and sausage.

I love using lamb sausage for this pasta dish. But you can use whatever sausage you like, or non- to keep it vegan/veggie friendly!

All you’ve gotta do is;

  • Boil your pasta
  • Add chickpeas to the pasta for about 5 minutes just to heat them through
  • Drain your pasta and chickpeas and set aside
  • Heat some (not very technical, but just eyeball it!) olive oil
  • Add in your chopped rainbow of peppers and then add loadssaaaaaa garlic
  • Push your peppers to the side, and add in the chopped sausage
  • Let them brown nicely and release all their goodness!
  • I add my spices and herbs now, add in your salt, chilli flakes, parsley (fresh or dry) white and black pepper
  • Add in your pasta and chickpeas and taste for salt- you can add some more oil to coat all the pasta and thats it!

Enjoy! pretty easy I think?

Pleaseeee send me pictures via Instagram if you try it out.

Thanks for reading.

The Macaron Addict.


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