Get your Cinnamon Roll Fix

Hello Friends!

Today, I come to you with a list of all the places in London that you can get your cinnamon roll/bun cravings sorted!

What do you call these parcels of deliciousness? I use buns and rolls interchangeably, but have noticed that many shops call their’s buns- does it even matter? Buns/rolls, they’re all so yummmaayyyy!

I LOVE cinnamon rolls. They’re always the first things I bake when I go back home for the summer. They’re also the only bakes that I usually eat most of when I bake!

I prefer my cinnamon rolls slathered in sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. It’s hard to find cinnamon rolls like that in London, but there are some pretty awesome and more traditional ones available.

Let’s start with the brand we all know and love- Cinnabon!


Did you know you can order frozen Cinnabon for delivery in the UK? If you’re having uncontrollable cravings and there are no Cinnabon shops around you, get you some online!

Okay, on to the “fancier buns”.

Gail’s Bakery

I discovered a Gail’s bakery that was close to me early last year and I go there now to get a quick cinnamon roll or baked good when I need one and can’t be bothered to go into central London. I love how crispy the outer layers are and how buttery the inner ones are! YUMMM. The coating of  cinnamon sugar is also a nice addition. You can never go wrong with cinnamon sugar- am I right or AM I RIGHT? They have loads of stores all across London- so try one and let me know what you think!


Bread ahead 

A legendary London institution that has the BEST doughnuts ever, but their cinnamon buns are also pretty good. Gooey and very satisfying. Get one or ten either at borough market or from their shop in Soho.


Karma Bakery

I love the homey feel of Karma on Hampstead heath. They have lovely baked goods and their buns are generously sized. Soft and delicious. I also LOVE their babka, so so good. The chocolate babka is my favourite. It’s full of chocolate and rich dough- YUMMMM!


Nordic Bakery

I’ve written about the cinnamon buns from this scandi- bakery in this post. I think the cinnamon bun from nordic bakery is pretty yum, i called it a yum bun- lol what even? But, cream cheese always makes things better so…


The Small Slice Bakery

I try really hard to avoid chains as much as possible, obviously there are some chains that I LOVE e.g; shake shack, LEON etc. But, i think it’s very important that small independent businesses are supported, so, this last and final cinnamon bun on the list ticks all my boxes for a perfect cinnamon roll/bun. Soft dough- check, sweet cinammony goodness- check and cream cheese frosting- CHECK!


The Small Slice Bakery is run by baker extraordinaire Harleigh. To get your hands on some of these, you have to order through Harleigh’s site here. Do yourself a favour and #treatyoselffff.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat that oh so satisfying, get your hands on one of these buns and I bet you’ll be satisfied with anyone you get.

Thank you for reading.


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