London Eats: Afternoon Tea at Dominque Ansel Bakery

I love scones, like really really love- how British of me? Do you love scones? What goes on first- cream or jam? Well, at Dominique Ansel’s Afternoon Tea, it doesn’t matter.

The main reason I wanted to go for afternoon tea was for the scones, so I might as well start there.


The Scones are brought to the table warm and fresh, with strawberries- or what look like strawberries, I think they’re chocolates?,  filled with clotted cream and jam so both go on the scone at the same time, so no need for the jam or clotted cream first debate.

AMAZING is all I can say, so so amazing. I think I should try making scones next, I better start looking out for clotted cream at the grocery store.


  Dominique Ansel Bakery offer 3 types of afternoon tea, each type comes with the afternoon tea stand that has pastries that represent each stage of the flower’s growth.


They have the signature, sparkling and splendid. Including the stand, they all come with warm scones. The Sparkling comes with one glass of sparkling drink of your choice, and the splendid which I ended up going for, comes with lobster rolls and a caviar Bellini, as well as complimentary tea and a sparkling drink.


The lobster roll was sensational ( a bit dramatic? it was THAT good). The brioche, oh my goodness THE BRIOCHE! AMAZING, I wish it was bigger, like 5 times bigger would be perfect. I hope that DAB make it a menu item, because it was amazing. Probably one of my favourites.

Okay, lets start from the bottom of the stand.


The seed was another favourite of mine. It had mushrooms and garlic confit in squid ink choux- it was really something- something amazing. Ive used amazing too many times, but I can’t really think of any other word, I tried sensational but that seemed a bit much? Have any descriptive words for me to use? Leave them down below!


I mean, the entire savoury selection was amazing, I loved the avocado and feta mousse, and obviously the lobster roll.


Now, onto the sweet.


Out of all the lovelyyyy pastries, my favourite was the full bloom- a brown butter financier- YUMMM, with strawberry jam and rose ganache. Look at the detailing!


I also really liked the blossom and the flower. So very visually pleasing.



This afternoon tea is deinfitely a feast for the eyes and the tummy. I love Dominique Ansel bakery, everything I’ve ever tried was so good, and this afternoon tea was just as good as expected. Hats off to the chefs that come up with these great, innovative ideas- share your talent with me pleaseee! I should probably invest in Dominiqe Ansel’s Secret Recipe book soon.

I highly recommend this afternoon tea, for a special #treatyoself treat, or for a birthday or somn. Incredible is all I can say. Definitely worth every pound. I leave you with more pictures! Get to booking your table ASAP!

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2 thoughts on “London Eats: Afternoon Tea at Dominque Ansel Bakery

  1. Everything about this blogpost makes me wish I was still in London! The pictures! The detailed description! Everything!! Definitely going on my list of places to visit! xx

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