London Eats: Sale e Pepe


I love Italian food, I legit could eat pasta EVERYDAY.

But Before I start rambling about how much I love this new Italian spot, Hi guys! Happy Friday, I can’t believe half term Is almost over *insert dramatic scream here*.

I also want to say Thank you to everyone who has been on my blog and to those who have subscribed-I appreciate y’all!! ❤ ❤

Okay, back to the food…

My love affair with pasta probably started in boarding school, it was the quickest and easiest thing to whip up when dinner was sucky and it was so easy to “pimp” up. I remember how I would even cut up breaded chicken strips from dominoes and add to my finished pasta for the boost of protein (loll, sounds a bit bizarre right?)

Sale e Pepe is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Knightsbridge, its a cute and rustic Italian restaurant and the food is BOMB! I legit started planning my next visit when my Alfredo came.

You’re welcomed in by THE friendliest man who starts speaking Italian to you. I was just standing there like “ummmm? wha?”, he eventually simmered down and led us to our table.

You’re first given a choice of breads and fresh olives to start, as well as a pack of breadsticks. I LOVE focaccia so I was already happy.

They have such a nice selection of dishes on their menu. From pasta and seafood to different cuts of meat.

To start, I went for the deep fried calamari (my absolute FAVE- love that stuff). The tartar sauce was so nice and…. fresh? It was yellow instead of the usual white you get from store bought jars( i’ll take the colour as a sign thats its homemade). The calamari itself was nice and crispy


When it comes to deciding what pasta dish I want, I ALWAYS have a dilemma. Do I want cream based or tomato based? I could spend a good 15 minutes contemplating which one I should go for. Usually, my dad kind of helps me decide, but since he wasn’t there today-( I miss my baba 😦  ). I decided to go for Fettucine Alfredo with chicken, and LET ME TELL YOU, BEST decision I’ve made in a while .

Ive been dreaming of going to Italy just for the pasta. A couple of weeks ago, on Instagram I came across this video of Alfredo being made at a restaurant that has been at it for over 100 years, and I legit spend 10 minutes just watching videos on how the pasta is mixed at your table with soooo much cheese, and I’ve been DYING to try it out.

The Alfredo at Sale e Pepe is HEAVEN ON EARTH. I wouldn’t lie to you guys now would I? I literally am thinking of when next to go because MAN o MAN- this stuff was soo GOOD.

 The pasta was fresh and the sauce was some cheesy GOODNESS. Gosh, I’ve legit been thinking About this pasta for a couple of days now. This pasta dish is definitely going to become a staple in my diet!

Okay, on to dessert. You know, no matter how full I am, I ALWAYS have space for dessert, after all dessert goes to the heart (loll, smh).


One dessert I absolutely love is creme brûlée. Under all those fresh berries is the yummiest creme brûlée that has a slight hint of lemon. This was one of their desserts of the day- which differs from day to day. But they have a pretty comforting dessert menu available from warm chocolate brownies to zingy (?) lemon tarts!

I have truly fallen in love with Sale e Pepe and I think if you go there you would too! Can I also just say (again) how  friendly the staff is? Im sure you would have a great time and leave with fully satisfied tastebuds!

Thank me later!


The Macaron Addict.

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