London Eats II

Hello Friends,

On this edition of London eats, I have undercooked eggs AGAIN, tried a very Insta famous pastry and some not so good pasta! It’s a short and sweet one, happy reading!

Weekend of 16-17th March.

Brunch at Milk Beach 

Milk beach is a super cute North London brunch spot.

I tried coddled eggs for the first time. This time tough, the runny eggs were on top of a sweet potato puree, so I didn’t mind them that much.


The soldiers were SOOO GOOD. Nothing beats good sourdough tbh.


I also had banana bread with espresso cream cheese. I loved the tang the cream cheese gave to the bread.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 2.35.32 am.png

Cinnamon Buns at Fabrique

Cinnamon buns are literally my favourite things to eat and bake. I’ve come to love cinnamon buns without cream cheese frosting, but not as much as the ones slathered in cream cheese frosting.


Fabrique is now probably my favourite cream cheese-less bun. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s v instagramable.


Pasta at Pastaio

I’ve had an unsatisfiable pasta craving ALL YEAR, and i I don’t think my craving will be satisfied until I go to Italy tbh- well, I went and I still crave pasta weekly…..

Pastaio has been on my list for a realllllyyyyyyy long time and I thought It was about time I tried it. I was really hoping for a GOOD plate of pasta.


I was very underwhelmed by that 👆🏾 plate of pasta. It was room temp- uh, why? and just meh. I don’t know if Pastaio were having a bad day, but this plate of pasta definitely did not satisfy my cravings. Try again next time, I guess.

Brunch at Half cup

Is it even a post without at least 2 brunch spots? NOPEEEEE.

On this very eventful day, I set out to Notting Hill to try egg break but an hour wait was not looking cute. So, I headed to Half cup, hoping they would have a table for one (perks of dining alone, you can usually get a table even when the place is packed), and they did!

I had already stalked their page and knew I had to get their Nutella mascarpone and rhubarb purée French toast. I mean, look at it!


The sun was a bit much on this day, so excuse the picture quality. This was SO SO YUM. Glad I left the queue at Egg break! Can’t wait to work through the menu at Half cup.

And that’s it for today!

Thank you for coming to my corner of the interwebs.

See you on the next post.


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