Accra Eats : Dine on a Mat with Fulani Kitchen

Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve had a restful and food filled summer. Today I’m coming to you with a special foodie experience here in Accra.

Dine on a mat with Fulani Kitchen allows you to experience the food and culture of the nomadic Fulani tribe. The culture is so diverse as there are different groups of Fulani people in different Countries across west Africa. From Ghana to Nigeria, Senegal to Guinea and many more countries.

The brains behind this one of a kind dinning experience is Chef Binta, a Fulani from Guinea. Through Fulani Kitchen, she’s preserving the Fulani culture as well as delivering delicious food and a different take on dining.

This summer, I’ve been to 3 dinners with Chef Binta. The first one was so good, my family and I decided to do a private dinner at home.

I’ll be sharing dishes from all my experiences with Fulani Kitchen!

First up, the starters.


Bantu- Lemongrass and fish soup. This soup is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. It’s refreshing and tangy, and the interesting flavours keep you scooping for more.


Fonio Salad, so healthy and light. Served with a ginger drink that’s so refreshing and weirdly creamy (in a good way).

My favourite starter by Chef Binta. A fusion of African ingredients that produce the most delicious and moreish starter ever.


Plantain and wagashi (unpasteurised cheese) with tomato confit. SO SO SO SO GOOD. UGH! Most people on this side of the world love plantain anyway (unless you’re a weirdo), so this starter is pretty much perfect for most of the population.

Now on to the more hearty main dishes.


Mano River Jollof- this jollof is probably one of the best jollofs I’ve ever had. IT WAS SO SO GOOD? I can’t even explain. Ghana or Nigeria jollof? None, MANO river Jollof is the GOAT.


Fonio with pumpkin mafe and Shea butter lamb. Yup, you read that right. Turns out not only can you use Shea butter to get rid of ASHY skin, you can eat it! I was a bit hesitant when chef Binta said “Shea butter lamb”, but WOW, SENSATIONALE! The lamb was so tender and just so so flavourful.

Another main that was just so good and left everyone on the mat quiet is the smoked fowl yasa with herbed rice.


The fowl was literally falling off the bone. The rice was perfectly cooked and the sauce? AMAZING!

Now, my favourite part of every meal- dessert!

I don’t really know of a West African dessert. Usually you’re just given fruit as a sweet treat. So I love that this dessert uses African ingredients to create a decadent and addictive sweet treat!

This dessert is the brainchild of chef Binta. I am obsessed with this dessert, and you would never think of putting the ingredients together as chef Binta did. Pure genius!


Garri and peanut crumble with “sobolo” syrup and coconut vegan ice cream! This dessert is SO SO good. I’d have it probably everyday if I could. The flavours go so well together. It’s creamy, crunchy and tangy. Another SENSATIONALE dish from Chef Binta.

If you happen to be one of the people who have recently discovered Accra in this year of return, or one of the many Afrnonation goers in December, I highly recommend booking on to a Fulani kitchen event.

It’s such a special dinning experience, under the stars with the most amazing African dishes!

10/10 would recommend! You can book a dinning experience via Tastemakers or by getting in touch with Chef Binta on Instagram @fulani_kitchen.

Off I go to get ready to head back to uni.

Thanks for reading!


Here are a few BTS photos.









2 thoughts on “Accra Eats : Dine on a Mat with Fulani Kitchen

  1. As always im awed by it all and especially the fish lemongrass soup and the pumpkin….. wareva, that pumpkin stuff looked good. I’m also awed by the lamb and shea butter, i so wanna try that too as i’m a lover of lamb meat. Cheers and all the best at school.

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