London Eats: Marley’s Cupcakes

Hello Lovely People

 I come to you today with a double dose of cuteness and yumminess (okay, I know that’s not a word but -whatevs).

I have been obsessed with mini cupcakes for a couple of years now- but are you even surprised? Like, all my obsessions are food based #lifeofafoodie.

Anyways, the obsession started (yeah, there’s always a backstory) in New York with Baked by Melissa Cupcakes. These Cupcakes are bitesized pieces of heaven that I could eat everyday. I get so sad when I remember that they don’t have a branch in London- like legit sadness. I kid you not.

So, when I came across a photo of Marley’s Gourmet Cupcakes, I cried. Legit tears of Joy. I could finally satisfy my love for mini cupcakes. I just HAD too.


They are TOO cute. Being small, maybe you thought the flavours would be “meh”? Well, LET ME TELL YOU, The flavours that these mini bites hold are far from “meh”.


From Buttered Popcorn to Red Velvet and Lime & Coconut, these cupcakes are truly what dreams are made of. I think I know what I want for my birthday. How about a mini cupcake tower? I think YES!


Seriously though, how good do those look? They also smell INCREDIBLE.

I cannot express my happiness. Thank you Marley for blessing us with these Bites of Heaven.

And you know, they’re so small that I don’t feel bad if I eat a whole box in one sitting, #winning.


On this particular Day, Marley’s Cupcakes was having a pop up at boxpark, where they debuted their new treats- Chocolate truffles! I tried the Chocolate Cookie one and – my oh my! SO GOOD.

I’m gonna be going back like every weekend just because #TreatYoSelf, and I think you should too!

You can get yourself some of this Awesomeness from Camden Market or London Bridge Station.

Thank me later!


I still think I could be a hand model.


The Macaron Addict.

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