Accra Eats: Polo Club Restaurant

As promised, an “Accra eat”.

*A Classic Accra eat. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been here with my family, not to be dramatic but probably like 20 times or more.

End of a polo tournament? we go here, family visiting? we go here, meeting? my dad probably goes here also (lol). My family is a polo family, most of my brothers play polo and I ride sometimes- when I can overcome the fear of being on an animal that could loose it with me on its back (I am QUITE the scaredy cat).

For the first few years of moving to Accra we lived by the polo club so I guess the restaurant formerly known as “pazzo” was just so convenient for us, and it also helped that the food was pretty good.

The Polo Club Restaurant now has sushi as well as Italian food. Now I go there for 2 things mainly. The Mushrooms and the “polo crocante”.

This is where my obsession with mushrooms started. I never had a thing against mushrooms but they just weren’t something I would readily eat, but one day I tasted these grilled mushrooms topped with parmesan and I’ve never looked back.


Honestly, I don’t know what it is about these mushrooms but they’re so so good. Like so so good, I could eat 2 plates and that would be my meal- that good!

Another starter I LOVEEEE, is the “Pollo Crocante”, which is basically tempura chicken in some kind of creamy sauce- ughhhh, yummmmmmmmm!


The coating is crunchy but the chicken isn’t dry, these two starters usually serve as my main meal. The focaccia and bruschetta are also faveessss.



I love bread, like so much. I think it’s because growing up my mum never bought bread because she was always #fitfam, so now I’m obsessed with bread- not my fault!

The Pasta dishes are also quite good. Very hearty and filling. As well as pasta, they’ve got steaks, and a great variety of mains.



I always make myself hungry when I’m typing up these blog posts cos the food always looks soooo good!

Oh did I mention they also have DIMSUM!


Literally a one stop shop of everything you could ever want!

Oooh, before I go, the dessert! The cheesecake is soo YUMMM- I love the tuile biscuit on top.


And there you have a snapshot of what the Accra foodie scene is like for me.

See you on the next post! Thanks for reading, don’t forget to subscribe and tell yo friends to tell their friends!

Bye friends!

The Macaron Addict.



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