London Eats: KERB- Camden Market

Food Markets = Foodie heaven. I Love, Love food markets. Mainly because theres so much you can eat under one “roof” ( not actually a literal roof). KERB food markets have been all over my timeline and the photos are always so mouthwatering that I just HAD to go.

I chose the KERB at Camden market mainly because it’s closest to me and also because CAMDEN MARKET.

KERB food at Camden market is a fairly small Food market which I like, because that means you’re able to eat EVERYTHING. The more Food the Merrier right?


At first I was a bit overwhelmed cos It seemed like the WHOLE of London decided they wanted in on the Food Market scene, but soon after getting to KERB we found a rhythm that worked for us and that would make sure we Went round to all the stalls!

I’m sure you’ve noticed how I usually use “us” ,well, I barely ever go on a foodie adventure alone, there’s always a lucky person who gets dragged along (I know they don’t mind though. Nothing beats foodie adventures with The Macaron Addict! NOTHING!)

This time around I dragged a friend that i’ve known FOREVER (s/o to you- you know yourself). My number on her phone is saved as “foodie” (loll, she knows what’s up).

Okay, so on to the food. First Stop.


 As soon as I spotted the sign, I HAD to. I love me some squid, and it was VERY good.  a great start to the day!


Next up, HALLOUMI fries.


You can never go wrong with fried cheese sticks ( cheese anything really). I grew to love it this summer and I’m not looking back.

All those yummy toppings.

Let me just tell you that this was AWESOME. A* for you Oli Babas. This stuff is LITT. The yoghurt and pomegranate give the dish a bit of sweetness and a bit of heat from the chilli flakes- I really enjoyed this. Its also such a cool concept- most times halloumi is grilled on salads, but deep frying it- YUM!


By now, I needed some kinda meat or chicken in my system and just over the canal we spotted a Souvlaki stall. Best believe we quickly found our way there. After several excuse me’s we MADE it, and Oh Gosh, I think this was one of my favourite things from KERB.


I think I have a thing for Greek Food. (Check out my post on this lovely Greek Restaurant in Kingly Cout)

Souvlaki is “a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer”. Perfect lunch if you ask me.

Here’s their simple menu

We got a chicken souvlaki in pitta with tzatziki sauce, and it was YUMMY. The chicken was so tender and juicy and just PERF! The Pita bread was also soft and chewy. I really enjoyed this and i’m definitely going back for more!

After a short break to create more space for more food, next on the list was Churros! I am obsessed with churros. Over the summer I probably made churros every other day, Love them. On our way to the churro stall, a massive pot of paella caught our attention. So we went over and the friendliest vendor offered us a taste. It was DELISH (not jollof rice uno, but good nonetheless).

He also sold Duck rolls! Duck pancakes are my new obsession, after trying them at this BOMB Chinese place (post coming soon) . You know I had to try them. He Sold his products so well and it looked so YUM!


Good Stuff!

Okay, on to The Churros. Dessert is a staple in my diet if you haven’t noticed. I can’t eat a meal without finishing with dessert.

YUMMERS! You know they were GOOD.

One reason I love Camden Market is because of ChinChin Labs. On my post about ChinChin, I said I was coming back. Best Believe I kept my promise and went back. After saying Bye to Kerb, we just had to stop by ChinChin. I had been planning and thinking what I wanted- you can’t go wrong with anything from the coolest ice cream parlour ever.

It was SOO FRIGIN Cold, so I went for the ChinChin Hot Chocolate. And OH MY GOSH, it was amazing!


A Generous scoop of torched house-made marshmallow fluff covers the Valrohna hot chocolate and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder! How decadent does that look and sound? I LOVED it. The hot chocolate was not too intense and the marshmallow fluff was super YUM!


WARNING: it makes a mess (a beautiful mess) – no wonder they serve it in a bowl!

ChinChin has my heart tbh. Love itt!

Well Guys, you’ve made it to the end of this super long post ( I know you don’t mind though- you love it really). You should definitely go to KERB, many Treats await!

Thank you, Thank you for visiting my Blog!

See you soon on my next post!


The Macaron Addict.

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