Toronto Eats II

Hi friends! I’m back with another edition of Toronto eats.

Toronto is fast becoming one of my favourite foodie cities. There’s just SOO much to eat, and I LOVE it.

This time, I did a bit more than eat. I went to some very touristy spots, got on the basketball playoffs bandwagon and developed a crush on the KING in the north!

Here’s a summary of everything I ate and did! ENJOY!

Strawberry vegan donut- Bloomer’s

Whenever theres a vegan option, esp if it’s pastry, I’m usually down to try it.

I was AMAZED by how good this donut was. It was so soft and major #ragrets that I didn’t try all the flavours.


Butter tart and chocolate tart- Baker Bots Baking

I’ve been wanting to try a butter tart since my last trip. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t enjoy this one. According to my sister, this one wasn’t a good one to try.


The chocolate tart though, I LOVED. It was like a cookie/tart hybrid, with a mini profiterole on top! Should’ve had like 5 more.

Pattie sandwich- Pattie’s Express 

Last time I tried a Jamaican Pattie for the first time, and I was in love. This time I took it to another level. I tried a Pattie sandwich with coco bread.


IT WAS SO GOOD. The bread was so soft and made the spice of the Pattie filling more manageable.

Beyond meat bolognese, THE BEST GARLIC BREAD EVER and more- SOS pasta

I was v excited to try the beyond meat bolognese sauce- because part time vegan. It was quite good, it tasted like normal meat to me.


But the star of the meal at SOS pasta was the garlic bread. Probably the best garlic bread I’ve ever had. The bread was just rightly crisp, the garlic butter- amazing. More #ragrets for not having it like 500 times.


Couldn’t stop talking about how good it was for the next 2 days. They also had an interesting take on the Caesar salad- no creamy dressing and had crunchy chickpeas (YUMM). Another star of the show. IMG_7921.jpg

We also tried the sticky toffee pudding.


Not bad, tasted a bit marzipan-y. You know how I feel about marzipan, and if you don’t, let me tell you I’m not a fan.

Rice Krispy French toast- School

Ughhhhh, this was SO SO GOOD. I couldn’t eat both the pieces so I took some home and I acc ate it. I didn’t forget about it in the fridge and then throw it away a couple of days later, like I usually do.


Biscuits- Popeye’s

I was craving something bready, and I thought it was about time I tried Popeye’s. Whenever we walk past the store front my sister ALWAYS talks about how she could live off the biscuits, and I must say, for once she wasn’t being dramatic (my family members have a tendency to be dramatic).

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 7.46.33 pm.png

These biscuits were so buttery and fluffy 🤤, a bit salty though.

Creme Brûlée Pancakes- Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes

Last time I tried Hanabusa, while the pancakes were good, the line is a bit MUCH.


These were sooo good, I loved the bruleed bananas. I’m happy there’s a Fuwa Fuwa in London. Means I can get my fluffy pancake fix when I’m in need!

Caramel Churros- Chocco Churros

I loved these churros because they were not greasy at all.


Dinner at Byblos

So much food was ordered, I don’t even know where to start. Maybe i’ll start with my favourite. IMG_8006.jpg

Black truffle and halloumi pide 😍. AMAZING! This was my first time trying pide, and the dough was so soft. I really enjoyed this.

Other favourites include the TENDER lamb ribs,


Wagyu Hummus,


And the crispy Qatayef.


Excuse the poor picture quality, obvs due to mood lighting 🙄.

Let’s take a break from the food and talk about the touristy things.

CN tower


The VIEWS 😍 .



Niagara Falls

The FUN Canadian Side.



The not so fun American side 👀.


Most dangerous rapids in the world- class 6 white water rapids.


Okay, back to the food.

“Long and Skinny” pasta and grilled squid – Amano Pasta

I feel like I’m always craving pasta, and the craving is never satisfied. Probably why I can eat pasta every blessed day.

We tried going to Amano Pasta the first time and they were closed, but our booking had been accepted? I was so upset when we got there and they were closed, I was READY for some good pasta.

Anyway, when we finally made it back, we got the “Long and Skinny”, which was Cacio e Pepe. I liked how simple the flavours were, although I think more cheese and a bit more salt would’ve made this PERFECT!

Ive been craving Cacio e pepe so much, I might try making homemade pasta.


We also tried the grilled squid. Super yummy!


Burgers– Rudy

We all know how much I love Shake Shack, and I never thought I would say what I’m about to BUT, I think I love Rudy burgers just as much as Shake Shack 😱.


SO SO GOOD. The fries have nothing on Shake Shack cheese fries though.

Carrot cake, chocolate mud, London fog and raptors donut- Dipped Donuts

Whenever I’ve walked past Dipped Donuts, theres always a long line. When I decided to brave the long line, it moved pretty quickly.

I tried 4 donuts.


Carrot cake and chocolate mud.


London fog- earl grey and a raspberry pastry cream filled Raptors donut.

My 2 favourites were the carrot cake and the London fog. I loved the tea leaves on the earl grey donut. All the donuts were super soft and quite a generous size.

 I had to get the Raptors donut because 2019 world champions- DUH? 🏀🏆. And also because I developed a mini crush on MVP Kawhi Leonard- I’m over it now though. The entire city was trying to get Kawhi to stay and I thought #kawineanddine was a great idea.

IMG_8477 2

I enjoyed watching the playoffs and the atmosphere in the city was GREAT! I think I might just start watching basketball regularly!


This blog post has taken me sooooo long to write. But today I decided to just get it done.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Toronto eats.

Thank you for reading, BYE!!! ✌🏾✌🏾


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