London Eats: The Breakfast Club

I think one of my Favourite meals is Brunch. It all started with the most perfect scrambled eggs at Gordon Ramsey Plane Food, Heathrow Terminal 5. These scrambled eggs are creamy and leave you thinking about eggs like you’ve never before. Ever since I had these scrambled eggs on a morning waiting to board a flight, I’ve been obsessed with trying to find Perfect scrambled eggs In the city rather than having to wait till when I go to Terminal 5.

This has not been easy- I don’t think I’ve come across scrambled eggs as good as Gordon Ramsey’s yet. However, my quest to find the most amazing eggs has now become a quest to find the best brunch spots in London.

The Breakfast Club has been on my mind for a while now, because whenever I talk to anyone about Brunch, it always seems to come up. Its Definitely a hot spot for brunch, with 45 minute queues ( like what even? 45 minutes?) I kid you not.

On a typical gloomy London Sunday (gloomy because I had to be back in school by the end of the day, ughhhh). I headed out to The Breakfast Club to try out their brunch menu and after THE 45 MINUTE WAIT, we finally made it inside.


They had a pretty standard brunch menu, from pancakes to eggs to sausages, fresh juices and drinks and all that good stuff.

My usual brunch order goes as follows, scrambled eggs on toast slathered with ketchup and butter (don’t judge), pancakes and orange juice. I almost always order this, just because it’s a habit. The food didn’t take long. But as we were waiting we took some time to look at al the whacky and funny mementos people had left on their “picture wall” kinda thing. From bank notes from different places- (it seemed like a tourist attraction tbh), to pictures and cute notes. It was very cute and unique. It gave the diner a homey feeling that I loved.

Here comes the food!


How Yum does all that look? It was pretty yum, I mean not Gordon Ramsey’s scrambled eggs but they were perfectly fine. The eggs were served on a Multigrain bloomer- sounds healthy right?


I really enjoyed the pancakes. I am a sucker for a stack of fluffy pancakes drenched in syrup and fruit. The whipped cream on top was a bonus!

I could do with a stack right about now.

Obviously I had to ask for more maple syrup just because sweet tooth uno.

..and it was a good day! (until I had to go to school)

Overall it was a pleasant brunch. You should definitely try The Breakfast Club, especially if you don’t mind waiting and want a filling brunch that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

So, thats all for today folks!

Thank you for visiting my Blog! Stay tuned for more Recommendations and Fun stuff!


The Macaron Addict.


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