London Eats: Godiva Chocolate Café

Hello Guys, I come to you today with a relatively short and sweet post!

A Chocolate Café- what could be better?

Everything and Anything Chocolate, LAWWDDD, Talk about Chocolate coma’s.

Harrods seems to have so many Jems hidden away- Like Chai Wu– (bomb Chinese awaiting you).

The chocolate Cafe is tucked away somewhere on the Second floor. I went on a Dessert Date with one of my FAVEEEESSSSSS, and I do not regret it.


They have a nice selection of desserts and chocolate treats that are displayed for your viewing pleasure and to help you make the hardest decision of the day- what do I get? And let me tell you it is no easy task.

We got their “cold chocolate” drinks, which is basically hot chocolate but cold- IKR, awesome! They come in a range of flavours such as milk, dark or white. I got the Milk Cold Chocolate and it was incredibly incredible!


Now on to the main desserts- it’s basically having a 3 course meal of just desserts! What dreams are made of, I tell you.

I got Créme Brûlée- I know what you’re thinking, who goes to a chocolate cafe and gets something not chocolate? Well, me I guess. I was just in that typa mood y’know.


Let me tell you, this was THE BOMB. LAWWD, the crunch when I broke into it was AMAZING, don’t get me started on the creamy goodness of the “creéme”. THIS IS A MUST TRY! I’m even gonna link y’all to the amazing video of the sensational crunch- just cos I’m nice like that. I LOVE LOVE Créme Brûlée- and I definitely will be back for the one at the chocolate cafe!

My FAVE of faves (whut? don’t look at me that way guys- I’m feeling a bit extra today), got this BEAST of a dessert.


If you can’t tell what this is, basically it’s a Crepe Parcel- yeah like what even?, filled with Ice-Cream and drizzled with warm chocolate- yeah, I know- INSANE! But oh so YUM! Also, another Video for your viewing pleasure- I’m on a roll today GUYS!

So many AWESOME treats await you at the Godiva Chocolate Café- TRUST ME- do I ever let you down? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

So, get yourselves over to Harrods and thank me later!

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The Macaron Addict.

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