FAVES: Yosma

An actual FAVE, I’ve only been here twice (I think I should call a place a “fave” if I’ve been thrice?), but I definitely think this is one of my fave places to eat at the moment. The last time I went to Yosma, I was having dinner with my brother (who after this meal, I think started taking my food blogging a bit more seriously, cos the food was AMAZING- so I must know what I’m doing!). The staff were very friendly, and the chefs didn’t seem to mind me staring at them in the open kitchen or asking questions about how they ended up in the kitchen.

First things first, the bread. Oh my Goodness, THE BREAD! It was incredible, soft, pillowy, fresh and hot from the oven.


I could’ve just dined on it and been happy, tbh. The hummus was also pretty good. We enjoyed the bread so much that we asked for another!



Can you see how soft that is? I’ll give you a minute to zoom in and see all those air bubbles…… done? Okay, along with the bread and hummus, we also got chicken wings, which were very delicious and  very moreish (is that even a word? idk) Can someone teach me how to use emojis on WordPress please?



Okay, on to mains. We are a family of carnivores. I mean, personally I prefer lamb to beef. But I think most of my siblings prefer beef? (correct me if I’m wrong guys). I got the rib, which I got the last time I was at Yosma, cos they had run out of the lamb shoulder which I wanted badly, I guess that just means I have to go back.


The first time I had the rib was better than the second one- I think because the first time it came with a bit of a sauce.


I’ll also give you a minute here to zoom in, and wipe the drool…… Both times though, the rib was TENDER, fall of the bone, like you dream of. So So good, but it’s quite big- you might want to share, or not. Up to you!

My brother got the wagyu steak, were also a wagyu obsessed family btw. It all started with my dad, who likes the finer things in life – hi baba 🙂


All vegans look away, I should’ve probably put this at the beginning of the post, oh well, Sorry! I think he really enjoyed his steak, I tried a bit and it was good! We both got potatoes as sides- and they were crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. PERFECT!


Now, the main reason I needed to come back to Yosma, the Knafeh, or kunafa or whatever you want to call it. Stringy, melty cheese, with pastry on top and drenched in a sweet, sweet sugar syrup- which for me is basically HEAVEN.


I might just post like 5 photos, because LOOK AT THAT CAMERA QUALITY. It makes the knafeh look so so yum, not that it needs it- but wow, I’m pretty sure my stomach just growled. This dessert is just amazing, a treat that YOU deserve- don’t even share it.


The cheese pull, another minute? Okay, take your time……


I think I’m gonna attempt this at home, I found the kataif pastry in the grocery store, off I go to find a simple enough recipe. I’ll be back with updates on how it goes in the kitchen!

In conclusion, go to Yosma, like now. You’re welcome!

See you in the next post- I think it will be an “Accra eat”, a classic restaurant we go to ALL the time! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks Friends!


The Macaron Addict.


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