FAVES: Ladurée

Okay, so I know y’all were expecting this. I mean Macaron Addict, so duh?

Before we get into all things Macarons, let me give y’all a lil’ life update, I didn’t post last week because the stress and tension leading up to results day (which was yesterday) was REAAALLLLLLL- I didn’t know how fast my heart could beat!

Anyway, hard work and prayers pay off! Your FAVVEEEEEEEEEE (me), is going to uniiii!

Good riddance ALevel Chem and Bio! I’m freeeee- not really cos I’m about to start uni! But I’m so excited! I can’t wait to explore my new uni city and discover more eats! More of that in October! Congratulations to ALL A-Level students! We killed it before it killed us! (barely), Okay now on to yummier things!

Ladurée is Macarons and Macarons are Ladurée, like they come hand in hand. You can’t  have one without the other, you really can’t.


I didn’t just wake up one day and become obsessed with these, although I must say I fell in love pretty quickly.

It all started on an afternoon, out for lunch at the Ladurée in Harrods, I just happened to try the salted caramel macaron and the strawberry candy marshmallow macaron-  it was love at first bite!

I fell in love with these delicate, French cookies that have become a PAIN for me in the kitchen, and I’ve never looked back. I LOVE anything that has to do with Macarons.

Ladurée is known for their Macarons worldwide and they’ve been in the game since 1862!!!! No bias here, but their Macarons are the best, don’t even try to argue with me. Most of the times I go just to by a box of Macarons for myself or to gift ( but usually for myself). They make THE PERFECT gift for ANY occasion!


My favourite flavour is the Strawberry Candy Marshmallow Macaron- it was discontinued at a point and ngl, I had tears in my eye when they told me they’ve stopped making them 💔😩- that was my first experience with heartache, but I got over it cos they brought it back! (Yay! There’s no need to be dramatic anymore). The filling for this macaron is like marshmallow fluff and the macaron shells are covered in sugar and it is the prettiest pink ever.😍😍😍


After they had discontinued the marshmallow macaron, the salted caramel macaron became IT for me. I mean, if you’ve had salted caramel anything you’d appreciate the perfection that IS Salted Caramel. So Salted Caramel in a macaron was just GENIUS. I love it, it’s so nice and caramelly (I doubt thats a word but watevs) and rich and just YUM! So So YUM!

They have a nice range of flavours, from the quaint vanilla to inventive flavours such as liquorice and cherry blossom and for those people who like the good things in life, they often have gold leaf covered macarons!


You NEED to go to Ladurée. They have branches in The US, obviously in Paris and a few in London. My go to Ladurée branch is the one in harrods, but I also love the one in Covent Garden. img_6348

I know macarons aren’t for everyone, you either like them or you don’t. So if you’re one of those unfortunate people that don’t like macarons (sorry for yourself 🤷🏾‍♀️) , you’ll be happy to hear that Ladurée also have a pretty awesome breakfast, afternoon tea and lunch menu.

img_6349-copyIf I’m not there for the macarons I’m probably there for the Pain Perdu (French toast) and their hot chocolate (which is literally hot chocolate). I love love love the French toast. What makes it so yum is the brioche they use to make it, its so soft and just Perfect- especially drenched in maple syrup or topped with Chantilly cream.



The hot chocolate, is not something you order by itself, it’s wayyy too rich (atleast it is for me). You need a glass of water by the side and it accompanies the French toast PERFECTLY. I usually order the hot chocolate with Chantilly cream just to reduce the intensity of the chocolate because trust me it is QUITE intense.


If you see that I am in Harrods, chances are that I am probably in Ladurée or window shopping.

They also have a nice selection of pastries you can eat in or take away, that are so pretty and almost too pretty to eat (emphasis on almost).



But they also have Croissants, Pain au chocolat, Eclairs and all you’d expect in a classic French bakery.

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