Chef’s Table and Life Update

Here’s another Random Post, this time it’s a Docu-Series Review/ Life update.

Before I start going on about netflix and chill, I thought I’d do a little life update incase you’ve been wondering where the posts have gone recently.

After A-Level STRESS, I’m finally in uni! Studying Food Science and Nutrition (oh, you thought I was only a bit obsessed with food? NOPE!). I’ve been pretty much occupied with moving and settling into my new life/ trying to form a routine that I’ve more or less forgotten about my blog. But as usual I’ve missed writing and clicking away on my laptop at weird hours in the night. Hopefully I’ll be more consistent with posting now.

Ohh, also, if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, why not?) you would’ve seen on my insta story that I’ve started eating quite healthily i.e. more veg, less sugar, no diary, no gluten… and I’m having actual sugar withdrawals.. like.. it’s crazy. I feel like I might start turning TMA into a healthy food blog? or maybe make a page for all my salad bowls and healthy eats? hmmmm, it seems quite fitting as a nutrition student? no?

I think I love junk too much, I mean sugar, butter- who doesn’t? Anyway, I need a cheat weekend soon- London here I comeeee!

Anyway, back to all things netflix!

You know how Netflix tends to have everything other than what you actually want to watch?

It was one of those days, I had finished binge watching “odd-mum out” and I didn’t know what to do- I mean I probably should have used the time to study even more than I do, but I couldn’t kill myself (my new motto in life).

I came across a series called “Chef’s table”, which is a documentary Series on the World’s Best Chefs, their stories and their individual cooking styles that are all so fascinating. I finished the first season in 2 days!

At the end of the first season I was ready to drop out of school, buy a ticket and go to Paris, knock on the door of the first restaurant I came across and beg them for a job. But I realised that my parents might not be too fond of that idea. Chef’s table really inspired me, I loved seeing how people had such an amazing connection with food and how they used food to communicate their feelings.

For me culinary school has always been a dream, and I had recently started thinking maybe it would be just that- a dream. But after watching Chef’s table, I think it’s gonna be a dream that I make my reality. Ever since watching this series, every time I get a counter seat overlooking the kitchen in a restaurant, I just picture myself in the hustle and bustle of a kitchen somewhere.

The whole point of this post I guess is to 1. tell you to watch Chef’s table for the mouthwatering dishes and 2. for me to share how much I love the series and how much it has inspired me.

Recently, there was a new series Chef’s Table: Pastry, I didn’t think I could fall any more in love with the culinary arts, but I DID! I could barely stop watching! My favourite was Christina Tossi, I loved how her baking style is so chill. I must admit, all the fancy “spherification” and aeration techniques etc etc, are very very intimidating. I love how laid back and comforting her bakes are.

From the first season, Massimo Bottura, was my favourite. I love, LOVE him, he’s very inspiring and his latest project of using all the surplus food in the world to feed the most vulnerable people is amazing. I hope I get to go to Osteria Francescana one day!

I love how food brings people together and serves as a way to give back. On that note, you should also watch “theatre of life”, it’s about the building of a soup kitchen in a church, somewhere in Italy. Amazing!

So, when next you feel like bingeing a series, a delicious one for you to binge is definitely Chef’s Table.

Get on it and thank me later. Also, wish me luck on my uni journey!

Okay, bye!

The Macron Addict.

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