I’m Back!

Hello friends!

I am FINALLY back- after a short month break that turned into a year (lol, soz). I’m back, and ready to write to my heart’s content. I can’t wait to share all the new places I’ve tried and the new gems I’ve found. I also can’t wait to start recipe testing and photographing more.  Portrait mode on my phone has helped with better picture quality and I plan on starting to practise more on my camera (not really mine, more like my sister’s, that I’m gonna borrow, until further notice.)

This past year has been TOUGH, filled with loads of chemistry (TOO MUCH chemistry) and biology, but summer has officially started for me, and I can’t wait to sleep, eat and sleep some more.

Updates to the blog:

Like the new look? I like simple- so we’ll be sticking to this theme for now.

You can find the menu in the top right hand corner, and my Instagram feed can be found there as well.

I’m back home in Accra, and you’ll notice there’s a category  called “Accra eats”. I’m planning on trying new places in Accra to share, but also to serve as a kind of journal/diary for myself (because I know I don’t have many readers in Accra atm). This blog is going to become an online journal- a way for me to document my eats, kitchen sessions and just my life as I grow, so welcome to my journey through life if you’re reading this!

More updates on the blog, another category called “Lists”, for days that you don’t really feel like reading through some of my waffle (I mean, why wouldn’t you want to read my waffle doee?), go straight here! I’ll be compiling places that serve a specific dish on one post. For example- where to get your chicken ‘n’ waffle fix, listing all the places I’ve been that have chicken and waffles!

So friends, I can’t wait to share more eats and kitchen chronicles with you!

I won’t make any promises on when i’ll be posting, but I hope to post once a week or maybe twice, it just depends on how i’m feeling tbh.

Thanks to everyone reading and subscribing!


The Macaron Addict.

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