Accra Eats: Santoku

Written on: 30/12/2018

Hi Friends! How are we?

Why is school such a big part of life? Like, I don’t know why I thought after A-levels i’d be done? Here I am, on my way back to London, leaving the warm Accra weather to go back and study for January exams -__- WHYYYYYYYY?!?!


I’ve been experiencing writers block/ creativity block. I haven’t been feeling like writing or posting much on Insta- don’t really know why, but as usual, I’ve missed writing on my little corner of the internets.

I don’t know whats going on in Accra this festive season, but there’s a sudden influx of Hollywood celebs? EVEN THE LOML- YOU GUYS!  I’m still a bit shook that we were in the same place and I had no idea. The day I found out Diggy was in Accra was the same day I left -_- talk about being unlucky.

Anyway, I come to you with another Accra eat- a FAVE. Is there anything better than top quality Japanese food?

Santoku is a family favourite just like The Polo Club Restaurant. It’s usually our Friday family meal destination and I wouldn’t have it any other way (although some of my other siblings, *cough*beb* cough*muks*, would much rather the buffet at The African Regent Hotel.


They have the most amazing menu of starters. You could get full just by having a few starters, like I did on Friday – although I think that was probably because my dad over ordered.

But over ordering is deffs better than under ordering, don’t you think?

Not only is the food ON POINT, the decor is pretty nice too!



Santoku is also housed in one of my favourite buildings in Accra- Villagio!


On to the food!

My favourite starter was the beef cubes with aubergine- YUMMMM!


I also LOVE me some edamame and shrimp tempura, I mean, who doesn’t?!?! I really can’t believe my 2 week holiday is already over 😦 A girl just wants some more sun.




Okay, on to the main event! I think its safe to say that everyone in my family apart from Muks, LOVES this dish.


The glorious black cod. SO SO buttery and SO SO good. Worth every Cedi in my humble opinion. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything else for my main at Santoku. I mean, if it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX/CHANGE IT! But last Friday I felt like switching it up a bit. I felt like having a steak. So I ordered the teriyaki steak and I DID NOT REGRET IT.


When the mains finally came, we were all pretty much stuffed. I could barely eat half of the steak. So I saved it (duh? say no to food waste!!) and I had it for lunch the next day! I even hid it in my fridge where I keep my baking supplies- I WAS NOT PLAYING. It was that good.

Do you know how much I love rice? You know how people crave things like chocolate, I CRAVE rice. Like, I think about rice, especially egg fried rice and not just any egg fried rice, but Santoku’s egg fried rice in particular- I LOVE.


 For a bit of health, the shrimp salad is pretty BOMB!


As usual, even when I’m STUFFED, there is ALWAYS room for dessert. My dad always asks “is anyone having dessert?” and I always look at him like, you KNOW the answer so, wyd sir?

I’ve read on a blog somewhere that the cheesecake at Santoku is one of the best in Accra, and I really couldn’t agree more.


This white chocolate cheesecake is so creamy. It’s not too sweet, the perfect end to any meal.

As I was feeling quite adventurous this Friday, I also tried the sponge cake with caramelised pineapples. I really liked to cake, but the pineapple sauce thing was a bit bitter?


It was different though!

It is however on the pricier side of life so, If your dad or bae is sponsoring the meal, I would 10/10 recommend Santoku.  It’s perfect for special occasions or if you want to #treatyoself. You won’t be disappointed.

And with that, this post comes to an end. I leave you with more pictures of other amazing dishes from Santoku!

Thanks for coming to my little corner of the “internets”!

The Macaron Addict.

Grilled salmon with Japanese lemon  mustard sauce
Lamb chops
Black fried rice
Chicken teriyaki

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