FAVES: PingPong

“Little steamed parcels of deliciousness”- NO LIE there, not at all.

You can say i’m a little obsessed with Dumplings- okay maybe not a little.

But seriously, they’re just so amazingly amazing. I’m always craving Dim-sum- and I can’t seem to get enough. Whether fancy lobster and black truffle ones at CHAI WU, or simple shrimp ones at MY FAVE -PING PONG! I love them all. All shapes, sizes and flavours.

Ping Pong is known for their dim-sum. I remember a while ago (like 5 years or somn), my mum was going on about this place that serve AMAZING Dim-Sum that we just had to go. So we went, but they had no tables- SAD TIMES. Eventually I made it to PingPong and i’ve never looked back.

I don’t even know how one can be this obsessed, but apparently my Grandma was also OBSESSED- so I guess it’s in my blood?

My Foodie Weekends usually ALWAYS start with a trip to PingPong. Not only is their Dim-Sum A1, they also have THE yummiest duck spring rolls that I looovveeeee.


They’re so nice and crunchy and filled with such yummy duck- a definite must try!


On to the stars of the Show! I think my favourite one is the Black Prawn Dumpling- LORD. Just trust me on this one- It’s just too good. I don’t even know how to explain this Goodness.


But, the other dumplings I love are the beef dumplings and the prawn and chive dumplings.


There’s a nice selection of dumplings, so eat your heart out!



Did I mention that they do a mean strawberry Lemonade? Remember how I was going on about my Love for Lemonade on this post, well this one one is pretty awesome.


It comes as a tall glass of homemade lemonade with a little shot glass of the fruit puree of your choice- mine always being strawberry- just cos i’m basic like that.

If you’re not down to try the dumplings- my first question would be why are you even there?

But, do not fret, they have other awesome dishes like this chicken and mushroom fried rice.


or, squid/calamari or whatever you call this fine sea deliciousness.


Crispy and delicious I tell you.

Believe it or not, I don’t make it to dessert- okay that’s a lie. I just usually opt for macarons after being stuffed with dumplings just because The Macaron Addict duh?

So, folks, there’s that post done.

You, yes you, should just go to PingPong right now and join me in my Craze for Dumplings.


The Macaron Addict.

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