Toronto Eats

Hello, hello!

I’m back from an epic 2 week holiday In the 6ix. I went to see my siblings and to eat everything I could in 14 days. I must say, my sisters and i did a pretty good job getting through quite a lot of my Toronto list.

This is a summary post of all the things I ate and did (didn’t do much apart from eat tbh- and experience a few dramatic events). I encountered a few crazies, made a trip to the ER on the morning before my flight back and had LOADS of soft serve.

I really did satisfy my sweet tooth in these 14 days. So much so, that I might do a juice fast next week.

I was really quite overwhelmed with the amount of restaurants and foodie spots in Toronto. Exploring a new food scene is always very exciting, and I had so much fun!

Without any further rambling, here’s all I ate in Toronto- the good, the tasty and the awful!

Scrambled egg sandwich- Eggbae



My first eat on this trip! Amazing! Perfectly cooked scrambled eggs served in a slightly sweet brioche bun-  breakfast HEAVEN! Also tried tater tots for the first time, they’re basically baby hash browns. 10/10 would recommend!

Baby vegan cinnamon roll- Bunner’s


I don’t write about things I don’t like on here, but this time I just had to. This vegan cinnamon roll was AWFUL. I was so so disappointed, because it looked so good and this bakery is apparently one of the best vegan bakeries in TO. I think i’ll stick to the cinnamon rolls from here.

Maha’s mighty chicken- Maha’s Egyptian brunch 


Taste’s as amazing as It looks. Deliciously spiced chicken with loadsa parsley, tomatoes and onions. Can I just say I ate raw tomatoes here for the first time and I enjoyed it- are you proud of me? I’m pretty proud of myself.

Maha’s is a Toronto institution, with lines that can last for hours. Luckily, we only waited for 20 minutes and it wasn’t too cold (I am NOT a fan of the cold). I didn’t get to try the classic Egyptian breakfast but, hopefully next time.

Creme brûlée, nutella and churro mini doughnuts – Fugo desserts


One of my favourite sweet eats from my trip. The creme brûlée doughnut was DIVINE. One of the few places I went to twice!

Crack pie, cereal soft serve and an assortment of cookies – Milk Bar


I LOVED this pie- so good. I meant to go back to Milk Bar before my flight back but your girl is LAZY.


Chicken and gyro platter- Halal guys


I had to try this famous chain. If you know me, you’ll know my spice tolerance is quite low (one of my aunts makes fun of me ALL the time). I almost died from the hot sauce. I put way too much with no warning from my lovely- NOT sister 😒. But I enjoyed it, I had it twice!

Soft serve taiyaki- Taiyaki NYC


Not gonna lie, I did this one for the gram 🤷🏾‍♀️. The taiyaki was disappointing. It wasn’t crispy but still made for a pretty picture.

Creme brûlée and chocolate soufflée pancakes- Hanabusa


After waiting for what seemed like hourssssss and exploring Kensington market, these v, v yum pancakes hit the spot. I was hungry literally 5 minutes after though.

Beef Pattie- Pattie express


We were so hungry after the pancakes we got Patties and let me tell you guys, I am now officially team Pattie, not team meat pie. These were SO SO GOOD- I had two. 🤫 Don’t judge.

Cheese tart and Japanese cheesecake – Uncle Tetsu’s Shop


The last time I was in Toronto, there were LONG lines outside Uncle Tetsu’s for their famous, airy cheesecake. This time around, we just walked in and walked out in less than 5 minutes. Thank God for change!


Mmmmmm, cheese tarts- so, so good.

Fried rice and “perfumed” chicken – Magical Taste of China


Fried rice- 7/10.


“Perfumed” chicken -10/10, would NOT recommend. Don’t know what was going on but this chicken was not the one.

Shrimp and grits and Mac and cheese- Friday: Roots & Vibes



I think we all know that I LOVE Mac and cheese, but I’ve never had shrimp and grits before and MATEEEEE, sensational! I LOVEEDDDDD IT! So much so, that I had it the next day 🙃 and the day after that. 100/10.

Ube tiramisu and soft serve- Cafe bora


It’s taken me a while to try Ube. I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The tiramisu WAS SO SO GOOD and so was the soft serve. Doesn’t hurt that Ube anything is so pretty and Insta worthy!

Brunch- Saint James, Hamilton


Okay, this one isn’t a Toronto eat, but it was SO SO GOOD. I took a lil trip to Hamilton to see my bro and obviously I had to drag him out for brunch. FLUFFY pancakes and fries for me and scrambled eggs for him. The pancakes were so, so yum.

Hummus bowl- The Hummusiah


I LOVE hummus, so obvs I had to. Took a bit of persuasion to get one of my sister’s to go with me- don’t know why she was being difficult tbh. The hummus bowl had fried aubergine, falafel, a hard boiled egg and whole chickpeas 😍. The pita was so soft and ugh, I LOVED THIS.

Soft serve tiramisu and macarons – Milkcow 


I don’t really drink coffee but I love the smell and I also LOVE tiramisu. This soft serve tiramisu was SO GOOD. It had coffee soaked lady fingers, vanilla soft serve and a layer of mascarpone on top- HEAVEN!


I haven’t had macarons in a while. Surprising for someone called The Macaron Addict right? I got cotton candy, birthday cake and red velvet. Birthday cake was the best.

All the dumps – Steambox dumplings


An assortment of dumplings, all vegan apart from one. These dumplings were underwhelming.

Baker’s tiramisu, peach and vanilla soft serve and creme brûlée pie – Butter Baker



Did I mention I love tiramisu? Butter Baker had the prettiest, divine looking pastries but I didn’t try any because I was full (yes, I get full 🙄).

All the tacos – La Carnita


Ughhh, these tacos were SO SO GOOD. But even better were the tostadas- AMAZING!


So, so yum.

Birthday cake soft serve  – Sweet Jesus


Birthday cake anything is ALWAYS a yes. I LOVED THIS SOFT SERVE SO MUCH. Cake crumbs + cream cheese frosting + soft serve = perfection.

Earl grey Thai rolled ice cream – Arctic Bites 


The most perfect way to end this awesome, food filled trip! This was AMAZING, the early grey flavour was perfect and it was not too sweet- PERFECT. Another favourite eat!

…..and exhale! I told you all I did was eat- NO RAGRETS! I think a juice cleanse is definitely needed.

6 servings of soft serve and 1 rolled ice cream. WOW, we were not playing.

Wish me luck as I ditch solid food for 5 days next week! Keep up with my progress (if I make any) on my Instagram @themacaronaddict_

Thank you for reading!


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