FAVES: Crumbs and Doilies

Okay, so as you all know( or should know) now, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. My favourite places are bakeries and Ice-cream parlours. I LOVE, LOVE cakes, bakes and anything sweet really (okay, except Turkish delight- not really a fan). And when I find a bakery that has something different to offer I make it my mission to try everything in their pastry case! I haven’t quite had everything from C&D yet but the cakes I’ve tried are BOMB!

I think one reason I really like C&D is because their flavours are always so different and inventive- can I also mention how cute everything looks.

They have a range of cupcakes that differ from day to day and also tray bakes and cake loaves. Im always tempted to buy one of each but I somehow control myself and opt for 1 or 2 cupcakes.

I love it when you bite into a cupcake and there’s some kind of filling- it might be cookie crumbs, cookie dough or caramel. Whatever it is- I love it and C&D always deliver.


On to the Tray bakes! Blondies have become a thing at home during the summer, my go to recipe is Cupcake Jemma’s (who happens to be the head baker and owner of C&D) and I’ve fallen in love with this “butterscotch version of a brownie”. I can’t wait to experiment more and turn the basic blondie into a show stopper- (summer WHERE you at? :/)


Whenever I go to C&D, they always have a “funky” blondie flavour. From jammy dodger (pictured above) to gingerbread and more! They also often have no bake items such as this Biscoff rocky road! You can never go wrong with anything Biscoff!


This cute little bakery has SOO much to offer! If you’re ever looking for a sweet treat while in Soho ( Soho is such a foodie hotspot- I mean Kingly court DUH?)  or around London- Crumbs and Doilies will definitely have something for you!


The Macaron Addict.

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