London Eats: CHAI WU

Who doesn’t Love Chinese food? If you don’t, get off this page RIGHT NOW.

I think my earliest food memory is probably having Home made Shredded beef, Ginger chicken and fried rice every Friday.

I for one am a sucker for a good “high end”Chinese meal once in a while. I love fried rice and dim-sum (see my Insta for proof- it’s a bit much tbh).

I’ve been going to harrods for AGEEEESS, and I am just so annoyed that I didn’t know about Chai Wu until recently. I mean, I would gladly give them all my money- it’s simply just too good- The prefect lunch!

Okay, so with my love for dimsum, it had to be a starter. We got two types of dumpligs. One was a lobster and black truffle one and the other was shrimp and caviar.

MMMMMMM, soo good. If you like dimsum then I think you would love these. Full of flavour and even without any dipping sauce it was perfect.

 A quick glance at their menu and  I was so ready to wait an hour for a table, (thankfully we didn’t have to), but let me tell you why i would’ve waited. They had WAGYU! OMG WAGYU! Do you know how good that stuff is? Remember me talking about how my whole family is obsessed with wagyu on this post? Well, if you don’t know what Wagyu is, let me take a moment and tell you, and also show you. Pictured below is the greatness that is WAGYU!!


Basically, wagyu also known as Kobe beef is this type of BEEF that is marbled to perfection. All the layers of fat give it an AMAZING taste and make it so tender, it melts in your mouth. According to what I’ve heard the Cows are massaged and fed top quality cow food? (looll, just imagine a cow spa, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah).

So yeah, that’s why I LOVE this particular type of Beef and I’m always down to have anything made with wagyu.

Anyhow, I digress.

Back to the food. So obviously we got the Wagyu skewer, I mean I don’t think I need to start talking about how good this was or else I won’t stop and this post won’t come to an end (lol, i’m so extra).

Ohh myyy, i’m telling you if you’re trying to kidnap me just say WAAGYU or macarons and i’m goonne.

Obviously there was egg fried rice involved and we also got chicken satay skewers. I mean, that’s really the perfect lunch – chicken, beef and rice.

I LOVE RICE, like, its a bit much, my mum was complaining about it a couple of weeks ago but hey don’t hate the player hate the game (what even is the game? rice loving?)

Anyway, enough about me and my weird obsessions. Obviously  we also got dessert. I got what was called the”chocolate sphere” which was a chocolate sphere filled with White chocolate, Ice cream and Strawberries – unfortunately the lady that brought it to the table didn’t let me get a picture before she poured over the hot caramel and the ball disintegrated into a mess of pure chocolate ecstasy *insert eye roll*- ( Side note I really would appreciate WordPress emojis) But I did manage to take a few videos and here and here they are!

The lucky person (heyyyy ogeeeeeeee) that I dragged on today’s foodie adventure got a matcha white chocolate lava cake.

Lookin’ like a piece of art!

When we both saw “matcha lava cake” we were like errr, what the what? But, it wasn’t bad at all actually and it was also so pretty.

So, yeah guys, that brings this AWESOME post to an end. I think Chai WU is slowly making it’s way up to becoming one of my Faves!

I highly recommend Chai Wu.

WARNING: It is on the pricey side, but TREAT YO SELF every once in a while, and if you’re a big spender and looking for a lunch buddy, I’M ALWAYS DOWN! (I joke)

But yeah, that’s all of it folks!

I hope you’re finding my posts so far useful and entertaining. PLEASE, PLEASE if you have any suggestions on how I could make my blog better, I am all ears- or should it be “I am all eyes”? cos I would be reading the suggestions right?

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Thank you Once Again and See y’all soon!


The Macaron Addict.

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