FAVES: Shake Shack

Okay, so if you know me or have been following me on Instagram you’ll know  I am OBSESSED with Shake Shack. I mean like truly and fully obsessed.

Like, you won’t understand the obsession until you’ve had a shack burger. PERFECT, simply perfect (if you ask me.)

I don’t think Shake Shack is over hyped( if you think this bizarre thought, GET OFF my blog- I joke, I joke) , it lives up to all those mouthwatering photos you see on Instagram. Ive been wanting to go myself for a while now, and sometime in the last months of 2016 i finally made it to the branch in Covent Garden and I’ve never looked back. I’ve currently been 4 times and counting. I can’t stay away, it also doesn’t help that it’s in Covent garden ( I LOVE covent garden) and close to Laduree ( macaron addict duh?).

On to the food, I mean the menu is pretty straightforward. They have a range of burgers, shakes, fries and drinks.img_5471

I usually go for the single Shack burger without tomatoes (double when I’m feeling up to the task) but trust me the single is the perfect burger size, with a side of their awesome crinkle cut fries. NGL  I could eat this everyday. Occasionally i switch it up a bit and go for the cheese fries- which are soo0 good, that cheese sauce is what dreams are made of.


I also like getting their lemonade to drink. They usually have a flavour of the month and for the times I’ve been there the flavour of the month has been Blueberry, its very refreshing (pictured below).


*Beware, the shake shack in covent garden is always pretty much full to the brim, waiting isn’t too bad especially if it’s not winter- you’ll eventually get seated. After placing your order you’ll have to wait for it (obvs) i usually just walk around the market place and wait for my buzzer to go off, there are cute stalls and things to see if you’re bored!

There you have it, a little breakdown of how i spend my time at shake shack. I’ll leave you with more photos that will definitely have you planning your next trip to Covent Garden!

Here you have a double!
peep the macaron key chain (walking away emoji)
That one with the tomato and onion is not mine ( i don’t do veggies)
Ughhhh, that cheese sauce is BAE!


The Macaron Addict.

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