London Eats III

Hi Friends!

I want to start this post off by sending everyone reading this and just everyone even the ones not reading this (obvs, they don’t like the good things in life), ALL the love and ALL the light.

January was full of so many tragic events that no doubt left us all shook, scared and feeling in the dumps.

So I just want to take a moment to remind you to hold your loved ones closer, to eat ALL the food, to feel all the feels and to always share light when you can!

Be kind, be present, show up and show love.

……. And now, back to the food obsessed TMA!

I really enjoyed the format of the summary posts I started doing last year. I like how I’m able to showcase a lot of eats in one post and so, I’ve decided to continue them!

Weekend of Mar 29-April 1st 2019. 


Pasta at Nonna Tonda

Last year, I developed several food obsessions. The biggest was my cacio obsession. I don’t think there’s anything that beats a warm, cheesy bowl of perfectly cooked al dente pasta for me. Simple and so satisfying.

IMG_6428 2.jpg

Nonna Tonda is at Victoria Market Halls and what I love about these food halls is the variety. Different options to satisfy any craving and to make sure you get that balance of sweet and salty!

After the pasta, you already know I needed something sweet! See below for what I had!

Soft serve society

I am a sucker for the simple flavours. I LOVE soft serve with just strawberry sauce SO MUCH, no fancy toppings. I love those £1 one’s on Oxford street and I love Soft Serve society and how pretty their ice creams are!

IMG_6439 2.JPG


Brunch at Popina

Another obsession I developed? Brunch! I love scrambled eggs so much, and I think I’ve nailed my creamy homemade scrambled eggs. Nothing a bit of butter can’t elevate!

Popina was cute and what I loved was that they had halal bacon!


Miel Bakery

One of the greatest things to happen to me last year, was Miel Bakery. Have to give this one to Insta for putting me on tbh.


My first visit was before they had fully opened and I fell in love instantly. I now tell anyone and everyone willing to listen to go here! Shaheen is so lovely and always up for a chat. If you haven’t been, i’d suggest making this your weekly bakery stop!

IMG_6504 2.JPG

Everything I’ve ever had from Miel has been A*. I was also introduced to Chouquettes here, so I am very thankful to Miel.

Some of my favourites include the Kouign Amman, the chocolate tart and the brioche rose! Everything is a hit, and the bakery is SUPER CUTE too.

IMG_6619 2.JPG

I am obsessed with Miel, and I always try and go by when I’m around the area. Always love a buttery, sweet treat!

Lunch at Maison bab

This was a real foodie Saturday, I was bursting at the seams by the end of the day.

Maison bab is essentially a shawarma bar. They do them differently and the vibes are super cute! No yelling over the counter for garlic sauce or pushing through the queue (no offence to the shawarma spots that are like this, of course). The interior is super cute, and the vibes are also super cute.

Broccoli is one of my fave veggies. I don’t know how I went from barely eating greens to LOVING broccoli.


This grilled broccoli served with what they call “Iskender sauce” was so YUM. I’d eat even more greens if I could smother that sauce on them.

The bab I got was the lamb adana.

IMG_6542 2.JPG

Lamb + bread = haven (IMO). So, so YUMMMMMM, AND, I ate the pickled onions! If you know me, then you know that i really don’t like onions, unless I can’t see them in the dish, I won’t eat them. But I ate the onions on this bab, i’d call that growth, wouldn’t you?

Maison Bab is a really cute spot, they know what they do and they do it well. It’s great for dining alone and also for group dinning.

Knafeh at Ishtar

To call it a day, I needed one last sugar fix. It had to be cheesy, goey and one step away from diabetes.

IMG_6563 2.JPG

I loved the addition of ice cream!


Time to call it a day now! See you on the next line (Lol).


Brunch at Eggbreak

I finally got to eat at egg break, mainly because my friend was already there.

I had the cornflake French toast with a side of fries. I need SWALTY in my life, kay?

IMG_6599 2.JPG

The French toast was okay, from what I remember. I really want to go back to try the pancakes and to explore the menu more. Also to explore Notting hill more! I need to start making notes whenever I go out to eat because I now don’t have time to write immediately after a meal and old age = I forget the details!

IMG_6593 2.JPG

I hope all these yummy food pictures and reading my foodie adventures has brightened your day, even if just for a moment.

Love and light,


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