London Eats: The Life Goddess

Where is Kingly Court?

Kingly court is based around the famous Carnaby street in Soho. It is one of my favourite places in London, I absolutely love it. It has different restaurants, all nested around an airy courtyard that also has additional seating. You can find all sorts at things at Kingly Court, including a yoga studio on the top floor, but my favourite bit, is the food places (obvs!) From authentic sicillian pizza parlours- Pizza Pilgrims to American diners such as Stax and Dirty bones, Kingly court really has it all.

I came across The Life Goddess on a random night out for dinner with a friend, we had just finished viewing the amazing abstract expressionist exhibiton at the Royal academy and decided to go for dinner, I thought of kingly court first because it has so many options. Our first option was The rum kitchen but for a friday night it was too busy and loud for us, walking around we spotted The Life Goddess and the menu looked pretty good, it wasn’t as loud and they offered us a seat at the bar as we waited for our table, so why not?

The life goddess is a Greek restaurant. They have a pretty simple menu, that has a nice selection of dishes.

They also had a pretty good drinks menu, I got the lychee lover. Which was lychee juice with honey and pineapples, it was quite sweet but yummy nonetheless.


We were too hungry for starters so straight on to mains we went. We both got the lamb chops served with rice .


The lamb was so tender, not too many spices, just simple authentic greek grill. I really enjoyed this, i had been craving lamb chops for THE longest time, and the way the rice was cooked gave it a creamy rich texture almost like risotto but not quite.

Next was dessert (i can never skip dessert, i just can’t) “dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart” So,yeah- NEVER SKIP DESSERT GUYS!

For dessert I decided to try something different. I went for a traditional Greek sweet called ‘halva’. Halva is a dense paste like thing, its made from a variety of things depending on which part of the world you get it from. In Greece, I read that it is usually made from a variety of flours or semolina cooked with sugar and butter.  It was served with cooked oranges.

img_5276  I’m going to be honest here, this was not my favourite thing, I didn’t particularly like the taste, but I was trying to be different uno. ( yeah, that was a flop).

We also ordered a cherry cheesecake. It came in a martini glass which was different. But, it was SOOO YUMMY, it made up for the halva.

img_5277  The cheesecake was so creamy and yummy, i couldn’t get enough. I’ll definitely be back for more yummy lamb chops and cheesecakes. (why have i said “yummy” so many times?)

Do check it out if you feel like giving Greek Cuisine a try, i don’t think you’ll regret it!


The Macaron Addict.

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