London Eats: Flat Iron

Hi guys! I feel like I’ve been MIA for soo long  (I only just realised it’s only been 6 days but it  feels like ages *sigh*- why am I so dramatic?)

So, My love Affair with flat Iron started a couple of years ago on Instagram. I had just started following every food page I came across and I saw photos of The Flat Iron Steak and I instantly fell in love.

I started writing a “places to try” list, and best believe Flat Iron was on top! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go until early 2016 With My Food Sisters (s/o Tweets, Hills, Teems)- and I’ve been obsessed ever since that glorious day!

When you’re eventually seated, an enamel mug filled with popcorn is there for you to munch on while you decide what you’re having!  Let me just say, you almost always have to wait at least 45 minutes to an hourso i’d recommend giving them a call to try and book a table before showing up, or go just before you’re full on hungry. I personally don’t mind waiting ( especially for good food), but waiting isn’t necessarily bad. The Flat Iron Branch I usually go to is the one on Beak Street- SOHO. Kingly court is literally 2 steps away, and Carnaby street is also just there! So, theres plenty to do while you wait!


Here’s their menu- excuse the poor photo quality due to the mood lighting in Flat Iron *eyeroll*

Can we just take a moment and observe how cute that butchers knife?! SO CUTE. Who would have ever thought that a butchers knife would be cute right?

Okay, so back to the food. Flat Iron usually offer two cuts of meat. The classic Flat Iron Steak and a speciality cut (sometimes Kobe beef). For the times I’ve been to Flat Iron, I usually get the Flat Iron steak cooked well done ( I don’t do that medium rare stuff). The Kobe beef (a.k.a Wagyu- which My WHOLE family is obsessed with) is only cooked medium rare ( NO thanks!)

I go for their Dripping chips and sometimes creamed spinach ( the few times I don’t mind veggies). The Steak comes with a house salad ( rocket leaves with a vinaigrette) which i quite like- ( Flat Iron WHAT are you doing to me?)

Their menu is nice and simple, and for people like me who are so indecisive, its PERFECT!

With “love season” passing – Can I just say Flat Iron will be THE PERFECT date night destination, I mean, from the mood lighting to the small tables they have- the “ambience” is quite nice and peaceful! They’ve got the whole “fengshui” thing DOWN. Thank me later!

Strawberry and Basil House Fizz

Okay, so THE STEAK! For me, it is THE perfect size- you’re full but don’t feel sick after your meal and HAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT (which is V V important). They cook it so well! I find that whenever I ask for steak well done, it’s almost always a bit dry. But, This is not The Case with Flat Iron! Its perfect tbh- its nice and tender and full of flavour!



*Side Note- My Stomach just let out a Growl as I was uploading that photo.

The chips are nice and crunchy and just TOO GOOD, so is the salad! You have an option of sauces from peppercorn to horseradish cream and more!

So yeah, That’s it Really. GO TO FLAT IRON GUYS. Like, just drop whatever you’re doing and go. If you’re not in London, you might as well book a ticket and get there now (I joke, I Joke), But keep a mental note-or a physical one like I do, to try it whenever you’re in London!

Looollllll, but seriously. Go to Flat Iron and thank me later. ( I accept cash, card or Macarons)

Thank you for visiting my Blog!


The Macaron Addict.

Stairway to Heaven (i.e Flat Iron Steak)

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