Chocolate “Salami”

Relax, there will be NO meat dipped in chocolate here.

Hello Lovely People!

For today’s TreatYoSelfTuesday Treat, I bring to you a Chocolate SALAMI! You should probably share this with people who you like- obviously not those who you don’t.

If you know me you’ll know how much I LOVE Rocky Road, it’s like my go to thing to make for my siblings or if I happen to be going to a party or a gathering of some sort. Chocolate Salami is very very similar to Rocky Road, the only thing missing are the marshmallows (I’m definitely gonna make Rocky Road Salami Soon- and i’ll be sure to share!)

This biscuit “cake” type thing is really quite yummy and I LOVE how it looks.

To make your Salami, Here’s What you’ll Need:


  • 15 1/2 Rich tea biscuits Crushed
  • 50g Milk Chocolate
  • 50g Dark Chocolate
  • 3 tablespoons of milk
  • 45g of unsalted butter
  • Icing sugar for dusting

First, Melt your chocolate and butter in the microwave until its all nice and Melted and shiny, then add your milk.

Next, combine the chocolate and the crushed biscuits making sure the chocolate is evenly distributed.


WHAT A SHOT- I have to give it to my camera skills- WOWW!

Now, you want to get some cling film or cling wrap or whatever you call it, and spoon all the mix into a rectangle and then roll it into a SALAMI!

Refridgerate your salami for an hour or two. I left mine in there overnight because by the time I wanted to take it out, it was too dark to get a decent picture- looll, what even?

When your salami is chilled enough for you, cover the whole thing with a layer of icing sugar.

P1030685 2

And then, the most exciting part- slice your salami to reveal the chunky pieces of biscuits tucked in the chocolate mix.


Almost too pretty to eat, don’t you think?

I LOVE ITT, and I hope you do too!

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The Macaron Addict.

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