Accra Eats: ’57 chocolate

Chocolate….. who doesn’t love chocolate?

I’m not such a huge chocolate fan though, I’m more of a candy person but I’m always down for a new foodie experience. This summer I’ve promised myself to try as many new restaurants/foodie experiences in Accra as possible. So far, I’ve tried a brunch spot, a fancy bistro and even a BUKKA! – more on that coming soon. So I googled “what to do in Accra”, and I found a chocolate tasting experience hosted by ’57 chocolate- google really is my best friend.

’57 chocolate is a chocolate making company run by 2 sisters, based in Accra.

Ghana is one of the leading cocoa producers but not much chocolate is actually produced here- which I’ve always thought was odd. The chocolates I’ve tried to bake with here didn’t give me the best results, so I usually bring back callebeaut chocolate callets for my baking needs whenever I’m coming back for the summer and it’s just STRESS.  So I’m glad that there are people who are trying to produce high quality chocolate in Ghana!


The session started with ice breaker questions and We (my sister, friend and I) tasted 6 chocolates. Kim (pictured above) gave us some very interesting facts and info about chocolate (most of which I’ve forgotten- whoops). The session was very enjoyable and so informative!

The cacao nibs smelled sooo good, that good chocolate smell, I wouldn’t mind that as a perfume. Its amazing how chocolate is made from those beans. Did you know cacao is a fruit?

We tasted a range of chocolates, from white chocolate to dark chocolate and even bisap (hibiscus/sobo/zobo/sobolo!) flavoured chocolate!


Look at that colour! so pretty! I’m still not sure if I like it or not? I think I’m gonna have to order a few bars so I can make my mind up!

My favourite though, was the mocha latte which is weird because I really really don’t like the taste of coffee, but I just loved this? It was smooth, not too strong and just yummm! Definitely getting myself a few bars of that flavour. I also really liked the white chocolate, it wasn’t too sweet like your usual white chocolates.


I really enjoyed the tasting and I’m now looking for more tastings to go too!

I’ll leave you with more pictures from the day and the link to their website.

If you’re in Accra, check them out!

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