Cakes and Bubbles

Another one! 💁🏽‍♀️

I’m on a roll aren’t I?  I’ve checked out of education for the year, so I have a bit more time (not really- there’s a report looking at me sideways right now), but life is for living right??

Cakes and bubbles is a dessert wonderland!  Loads of fancy desserts and a perfect place to watch the shoppers on Regent street.

Since it opened I couldn’t wait to try it out. After a cancelled first reservation and many other excuses, I finally decided it was time to go, come hell or high water!

As the very organised person that I am, I OBVIOUSLY made a reservation and was there 10 minutes before time. I couldn’t wait for the sugar high, that’s why I was early, okay?

They sat my friend and I in the lobby and asked us to wait until it was time, no p. We sat, 10 minutes later, nothing… 20 minutes, nothing, obvs I went to ask what was going on. 25 minutes later and still NOTHING. We weren’t sat until about 35 minutes after 😕. No explanation from the hostess, so I was upset, wouldn’t you be?

Just before we were sat, the manager FINALLY came to apologise and then proceeded to offer the whole meal on the house! That definitely made it up, was still a bit salty about having to wait 35 minutes 🙄 I don’t like time wastage.

We went for the “Sweet Afternoon Bubbles Menu”, which had 3 courses. We also added a 4th course, because, why not?


FANCY RIGHT? I KNOW! This was the first course.

Let’s start at the bottom. The bottom tier are all temp sensitive.


This is the “lightest carrot cake”. An actual piece of carrot cake, a cream cheese ice cream (I think? can’t remember), and a fruity gel all sandwiched between two wafer pieces. I really liked this, I love carrot cake and I thought this did the flavours of a carrot cake justice.

Okay, on to the next.


Next was a frozen coconut and chocolate flower. This was also yum. I’m writing this post like 3 weeks after this experience so i’ve forgotten all the extra things the waitress told us (old age, is that you?).

On to the middle tier – this was my FAVOURITE dessert out of everything.



Egg flan with a passionfruit jelly. I LOVED THIS SOOOO MUCH! It tasted like my favourite ice cream- solero. I’m obsessed with solero, I sometimes have 3 in a day ( emphasis on SOMETIMES).

Top tier! IMG_3225.jpg

Chocolate cork! A steamed sponge cake filled with a chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline. This was good too.

Second course! IMG_3233.JPG

A kind of palate cleanser. This was a mango lollipop sorbet with crispy strawberry pieces. I can’t lie guys, this tasted like punishment- hahahahahahahahaah. It wasn’t sweet and the serving was too big, should’ve been smaller.

Here’s the dessert that wasn’t part of the tasting menu, but that my friend really wanted to try. Who am I to say no?


An “air” pancake, filled with yoghurt mousse, served with a maple syrup butter and blueberry jam. It also had a caramelise duster disc on top- LOVE!


Final course!


The famous cheesecake. I was expecting great things from this, but……. this cheesecake wasn’t the one for me. It’s made from unpasteurised (raw) cows milk cheese and covered with a white chocolate and hazelnut layer.

The cheese was too strong.


It’s served with the yummiest melt in your mouth sablé biscuits. I’d eat a whole jar of those.

Verdict on cakes and bubbles : I’d go back for the egg flan and to try the other funky things on the menu.

Thanks for reading!


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