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I’m back with a post that I hope will be useful and insightful for you and your diet- an updated post on meal prep! Read my first one here.

If you’ve been part of the TMA community for a while, you’ll know that we love meal prep over here. I started meal prepping about 5 years ago and I’ve never looked back. Wash day and meal prep day are 2 days that are ALWAYS present in my week. When I don’t meal prep, I feel very out of it and as a TYPICAL type 1 i don’t like this feeling- AT ALL. What I do like, is a routine and structure – always.

Chicken pesto pasta

Meal prep puts many people off because its notorious for taking up the entire day. While I didn’t mind this as much when I started prepping, these days I’m a bit more busy and would like half of my Sunday to do other stuff too. I would always prep 2 lunch options and 2 dinner options almost every week (except if I was home on holiday). Breakfast was easy and low energy enough for me to make every morning.

Well, a lot has changed! I’ve switched up my diet recently. I now have 2 meals a day (I’m exploring intermittent fasting and loving it so far) which saves me so much more time on Sundays! I have a brunch meal and a dinner meal. My focus on Sundays now, is my dinner meal. I still make 2 options but one is always a soup – another time saving hack! Easy, one pot meals like soups are amazing for meal prep. They don’t take long to make, they keep for ageeeees and are a great way of getting in as many veggies as possible #health. For my second meal, I try to stick to one pan oven meals or one pot meals. Think one pan chicken and potatoes, one pan salmon and green beans, sweet potato curry etc. I would also always cook like I had a family of 4 to feed…. but by some miracle, I’ve now mastered small batch cooking! I’m very very happy about this!

Sweet chilli chicken with Nigerian style fried rice

Moving on to my brunch meal. I usually make this meal on the day. It usually consists of eggs and some sort of toasted bread. I will also usually pair my savoury bits with a nice smoothie or fruits for better satiety. I also have things like oats or weetabix. This approach has so far worked really well for me (EMPHASIS on ME okay? listen to your body and make sure you’re doing what’s best FOR YOU!!). I save so much time on Sunday but am still able to effectively meal prep to save time during the week.

I always get questions on spoilage and how I can eat the same things all week long. In terms of spoilage, I’ve NEVER had a problem with that (keep your meals well refrigerated obvs). Making 2 options means I switch what I eat every other day, this has worked excellently so far for me. Now, im not saying I never get bored by Thursday- THIS DOES HAPPEN but not very often. In this situation what I usually do is, freeze the meals I have and save them for the next week #saynotofoodwaste!

Chicken korma with rice

I really, REALLY enjoy meal prep. I find it very meditative and it always makes me feel like a proper responsible adult! I also love creating my meal plan and exploring different recipes.

If you’re interested in meal prepping here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Start with prepping one meal (let’s not overwhelm ourselves kay?) baby steps!
  • Choose easy meals!! One pot, one pan – those vibes
  • Take your time! You don’t have to finish meal prep in an hour. also, a couple of hours during the weekend saves you loadsss of time during the week (give and take ykna)
  • Plan your meals for the week
  • Mise en place. Prep ALL your ingredients first, it makes cooking a lot easier
  • Last one, clean as you cook and always try to have as little stuff on your counter tops as possible. Helps!
Sweet chilli salmon with broccolini

Where do I get meal inspo from? Pinterest, instagram, TikTok (which is where I spend most of my time these days) and a lot of times, I just listen to my cravings! I’ve also linked a lot of sites in my first meal prep post so check that out for more inspo! Also follow me on instagram @themacaronaddict_ for weekly meal prep content! See you there.

I hope you found this helpful and maybe even encouraging to start meal prepping!

✌🏾 TMA

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