Jordan year!

Hello good people of the inter-webs!

What a time to be alive.

Seems like the world is going to 🗑 and I know how overwhelming it can be to be inundated with bad news. There’s so much going on in the world with occupation, hunger crises, kidnappings, THE PANDEMIC and so much tragedy.

So, with May being mental health awareness month, I’m gonna encourage you to take some time for yourself away from all the screens if you need to. Sleep in on the weekends, treat yourself to a meal or a spa day, call friends, set those app limits and really just take some time to breathe.

We have a responsibility to look out for each other but we also need to look after ourselves first!

Back with a few posts (I hope)! Let’s see if the last few weeks on placement drain the energy out of me or nah….

For someone that has many a sibling that’s basketball obsessed, my basketball knowledge is VERY LIMITED. I am a total bandwagon fan (#wethenorth) and many times follow the WAG’s more than I follow the actual league 🤷🏽‍♀️. I however, am taking advantage of MJ’s jersey number and shouting about my “Jordan year” every opportunity that I get 😊

So, how did I spend my birthday? Here’s how:

My day started with this VERY VERY cute lunchbox cake from Cloud nuna . How cute is she? SUPER CUTE and super yum too. Vanilla sponge, strawberry jam and buttercream!

Having not dined indoors properly at a fancy establishment for a whillleeee, I knew how I wanted to spend my birthday. “How” you ask? An eight course TREAT YO SELF dinner, duhhhhhhhhh!

This dinner really ended up being about 10 courses. Did someone say ENJOYMENT? (yes, my dad did.. several times).

I’ve been wanting to go to HIDE since I saw their dreamy staircase when they opened but obviously placement (maybe not obviously since I didn’t acc tell you guys.. might write about it soon), corona and Boris’ many lockdowns happened. Corona is still out there, placement has made me an adult with very little free time and as for the lockdown, it’s being lifted!!! Just in time for my bdayyyyyyyy might I add – lucky!

There are 3 levels (literal levels) to HIDE.

Below HIDE, Ground and Above HIDE. As I was in a very treat yo self mood, I went to Above HIDE for the tasting menu. I was pescatarian for the evening and I really didn’t miss the meat!

Thought the dinner would be 2 hours, It wasn’t. I was there for 3 and a half hours of eating and enjoyment, in mood lighting that I did not hate!

First things first, drinks and bread! Is it even a proper dinner without a lush bread basket? I think not.

The first drink I got was super yum and the bread? Gimme all the bread but especially the cracker.

Now appetisers! Mushroom broth (YUM) and gem lettuce with a chamomile dressing which was 🤯🤯🤯. Dipped everything in that chamomile dressing.

Okay now the fun begins!

The first course was a BIG MISS. Not a great way to start but everything after was FIREEEE.

Course 1 – Confit tomato, fresh almond milk and fennel flowers.

I don’t know who I thought I was tbvh. On a normal day, I don’t eat tomatoes except in stew or ketchup. A whole tomato? Me? Never but I thought new age, new me so let me try. I tried and bruh, It was not pleasing to me and my tastebuds. Pretty though..

Oh, and it had some kind of berry stuffing… do with that piece of info what you wish.

Okay, now on to things I actually ate and LOVED.

Course 2 – Crab and succulent tartlet with caviar


AND!!!! Look at the plate! If you’re here from insta, remember the date of the day famous plate that went through it?!! Who knew I was out here twinning with a Michellin star restaurant!

Course 3 – Nest egg

This is the head chef’s signature dish. UNREAL. This was one of the highlights of my meal for sure. Creamy, rich and just pure luxury really.

It’s a sort of custard of egg yolks, smoked butter and toasted mushrooms. YUM!

Told you I loved it!

Course 4 – Cornish fish in 2 servings (think pepper soup and sashimi vibes)

The first was squid with a broth that you can enrich with this red pepper paste below….

……and the second was Plaice on top of an avocado puree I believe.

Course 5 – A very green barbecued langoustine lettuce wrap with pickled elderflower and ginger.

This was so good it had me considering being pescatarian for life! I didn’t miss the meat at all and I felt very nourished and healthy!

Course 6 – All the veg! (Spring vegetables with a warm hay buttermilk and summer truffle shavings).

Had to ask my cousin if I was a horse after I saw “hay”……

There were 7 pieces of veg on this plate and I ate 4. I’d say I did a good job. I wasn’t going to eat that onion looking thing was I? No I wasn’t. We don’t adult that hard over here okay?! At this point, I was full. Like a satisfied fullness, the one that has space for dessert ☺️

Palate cleanser (I think) – Coupette of green asparagus and sweet cicely

Okay so this.. tasted like ewedu (for the Nigerians out there). Which sounds very weird and maybe not very pleasing but I actually really enjoyed it.

Sweet treat 1 – Coconut – is all it’s called on the menu.

Beaut right? It’s a coconut sponge with lime caramel and coconut ice cream and some fancy coconut meringue shards! So so Yum. I’m definitely developing a thing for coconut. Bounty has always been one of my faves and I am now totally making myself crave chocolate *off to the kitchen she goes*.. (No Bounty slander will be tolerated on here okay?).

Sweet treat 2 and 3 Basque cheesecake, Garden cupcake.

You already know how I feel about sugar if you’ve been here for a while. Can never have enough tbvh.

The cheesecake was everythinggggg, creamy, a bit tangy and perfectly bite size. The garden cupcake was an avocado cupcake! Sounds weird but tasted good!

Did I mention how excellent the service at HIDE was? The staff were all so attentive and kind! Love good vibes when eating (and all the time really). They also had the BEST smelling hand lotion in the bathroom 😍. Fully planned to go back and get the name but I forgot.. must be the old age. Guess that just means I have to go back to HIDE!

I even got a bonus bday treat – A Canelé….

…and a card! Felt v special ngl.

Not my mum looking at this card, seeing the Chef’s signature and asking “is the chef Gordon Ramsay?”. No sis, Look at the letters in the signature 👀.

After 3.5 hours of enjoyment, it was time to go home and sleep as a new and well fed 23 year old!

Happy to be back writing (forgot how much I enjoyed this) and posting on my actual grid. Hope it lasts and I can be more consistent.

What else would you like to read about/see from me? Let me know and I might try if it’s my vibe, if not… thanks for the suggestions still x

Continue washing your hands and keeping at least 2 metres apart please! The introverts do not love how close people are getting these days 😒

Bye and TYSMMMMM for reading!

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