All about dates!

No! Not those kinds of dates 👀

I’ve been working on this post for the past 3 nights because these days I don’t sleep until 3am after the pub behind my building decides it’s had enough earth shaking bass music for the night🙃

I am currently sleep deprived and watching Insurgent on the highest volume to drown out said music….. Joys of living in the city centre ey? Also probably doesn’t help that I have annoyingly sensitive hearing and am a light sleeper…

This is how I feel right now friends. Your girl is STRESSED!

Okay, on to the main topic of discussion for this post!

During Ramadan this year, I fell in love with dates even more. I was never a fan growing up and would many times eat just half a date to break my fast. But a few years ago, I started enjoying all the different kinds of dates – the dried dates and the fresh ones!

I however, was never a fan of chocolate covered dates or any other fancy iteration. A very beautiful and yum box of gourmet dates changed how I felt and opened my eyes to all the things I could stuff, dip or coat a date in.

The carrot cake was life changing- not even being dramatic but it’s what started my date of the day series. I LOVED coming up with weird and wonderful combo’s everyday for 21 days and I loved how much everyone was invested in the series as well. Very 🥺🥺

Up until day 9 I had been enjoying good old plain dates but on day 21 everything changed!!!!

Let’s take a look at all the dates, give them a score and I’ll try and decide which was my favourite at the end! Most of the dates I came up with are what I’d call “dessert dates”. Decadent creations and perfect for Iftar!

Day 9 – Lemon cake date

I had made a lemon loaf cake, so I took some cake and made a cake paste with some milk. Stuffed that into the date and drizzled with some white chocolate + lemon zest to finish. During this adventure, I was re-purposing a lot of stuff I already had and felt very resourceful! Score: 9.5

Day 10 – Twix date

This was the first multi layer date. Started with a layer of shortbread biscuit crumbs followed by salted caramel and covered in chocolate. This one was so so good. Was she my fave? 👀 Maybe. I’m gonna give her a 10!

Day 11- Strawberry cheeseDate (strawberry cheese cake date)

I can’t take any credit for this name. My cousin came up with it and I think he was very pleased. This was also multi-layered. Biscuit crumb first layer and a cheesecake cream second layer. Score: 8

Day 12- Coconut cake date

For this date, I soaked a piece of coconut cake in coconut milk (why not) and finished the date with a sprinkling of desiccated coconut! Score:8.5

Day 13- BrigaDatero or BrigaDabino (Zeebaybz gets the credit for this one)

I love brigadeiro. Condensed milk, cocoa powder and heavy cream. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? She scores an 8

Day 14- Honey cream cheese and pistachio date

I really thought I was gonna love this but I didn’t. Think I’d give this a 5. Might be because I used lacto-free cheese.

Day 15 – Baklawa date

Okay so, I really wanted to make my own syrup to drizzle on the date (as if there wasn’t enough sugar present already) but it kept crystallising 😒 so I used honey instead. She scores a 7.5.

Day 16 – Snickers date

I think the chocolate bar inspired ones were my faves. SO GOOD. I really grew to love chocolate and dates together. This beauty scores a 9.5.

Day 17 – Sunnah date combo

The coolness of the cucumber was interesting with the date. I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would so I’d give this combo a 6.

Day 18 – Apple crumble date

Ah! This was another FAVE. I made an actual crumble but I enjoyed this date more than I did the crumble. 9.5!

Day 20 – S’mores date

This was a beautiful mess. Biscuit crumbs, chocolate, marshmallows and more chocolate. YUMMM. 10/10 for sure

Day 21 – Breakfast date version 1

This date had me doing the mosssttt! I made Christina Tosi’s cornflake crunch and one of the ingredients I needed was milk powder. I went to 2 Sainsubry’s and a Tesco with no luck. Was only able to get a can from the “ethnic” super store that is my heaven. Jeez. Thank God it was good. Saving the rest of the crunch for some cookies. 8.5 for this date that stressed me out.

Day 22 – Bounty date

I really enjoyed taking inspo from chocolate bars. As I mentioned in my last post I love bounty. Wanna know how I eat my bounty? 👀 I eat all the chocolate around the filling and save the filling for last. I do this with kittkat too ☺️ The best way really. 8.5!

Day 23- Cheese and fruit 2 ways

Okay so I’m gonna treat each combo as its own entity. I didn’t love the watermelon and feta one and I think that’s mainly due to the watermelon and because of this, I’m gonna give this one a 5. The grape and cheddar one though!! I LOVEEEDDD it. 9!

Day 24 – Oreo truffle date

This was INSANELY good. Oreo crumbs and cream cheese filling, covered in white chocolate! Did someone say heavenly? 10/10 for sure. I’m gonna have a hard time choosing my fave aren’t i…

Day 25- Afro PB+J

Obvi had to bring some spice in some way. Used kulikuli to make this “Afro” and I really loved this. Creamy, a bit tangy and a bit spicy. Magic! 9!!

Day 26- Breakfast date 2.0

A healthy breakfast date! I actually had this for suhoor and it was so good. Another combo I love is dates and yoghurt. SO GOOD. 9.5!

Day 27 – CCC date

Took me long enough to bake a date didn’t it?! This was 🤯🤯🤯🤯 10/10 for sureeee

Day 28 – Za’atar and cheese date

I have some borrowed Lebanese genes in me and have been really leaning into them these days. This is my take on a za’atar and cheese mana’eesh. LOVEEEEEEDDDDDD IT. Gimme all the ceamy, herby and crunchy vibes! I’m gonna say 9

Day 29 – Salted caramel rice Krispy chocolate date

This one had a lot going on- In a good way! Salted caramel, Rice Krispies, marshmallows and chocolate. All the yum. I loved the contrast of textures too! I think a 9 for her too.

Day 30 – Funfetti ice cream date

Nothing quite says celebration like sprinkles! Am I right or AM I RIGHT? I’m definitely RIGHT 😊This was stuffed with funfetti cake icecream, some more cake and sprinkles.

If I make this again, I wouldn’t use Vegan ice cream though👀 I’d give this finale date an 8.

And those are all the dates!

So! Which was my ultimate favourite? Honestly, I can’t choose just 1 so i’m gonna choose my top 2 because enjoyment. It’s gonna have to be the Twix and the chocolate chip cookie date.

I had so much fun making these dates and I think what I loved the most as I said earlier was how invested you guys were! Was very sad to see Ramadan come to an end cos I really had the best time 🥺.

BUT I come with some good news, look out for 6 new date of the day combo’s starting today (since its 12am…)

If you’re reading this right now- heyyyyy, i hope you’re a night owl out of a choice and not cos of noisy neighbours 😩

With the happenings In the world right now, you might be looking for ways to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I have a cool way for you! Plant an olive tree in Palestine through Zaytoun!

Also, as this post is all about dates, buy your dates from Zaytoun and not those sketchy ones from Sainsbury’s 👀

Have a great rest of your weekend friends!


4 thoughts on “All about dates!

  1. I imagined eating each one. Not sure if I have a fav but I do like ma’amouls. Have never had savory anything with dates though.

    I do admire your dedication. LOL. Cannot imagine doing all that to anything that might be eaten in two bites. Well done.


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