Where to get your French toast fix

I’m still undecided if French toast can be called a dessert or is strictly a brunch dish. Either way, some of the French toasts being served in London are INCREDIBLE and you should try one (or all) for brunch (or dessert!).

Wow, where are my manners?! 🤭 HI FRIENDS! Happy new year 👀 I hope you’re well rested and well fed! So nice to see you here (after ghosting for a couple of months…I apologise). Life just gets really busy sometimes doesn’t it! I’m hoping to be a bit more consistent on here. I forgot how much joy I get from writing and talking to you on here!

Here’s a short and sweet list of all the places you should check out if you’re having French toast cravings! (there will be no mention of Christopher’s here pls – no offence to anyone of course..) I hope lists like this will keep me motivated to stay consistent…. No promises though 😊). Okay, lets get to it shall we?

The Ninth

Honestly, not enough people know about The Ninth. Everything there SLAPS but this French toast?! GOODNESS. This French toast was the first iteration of a crunchy and custardy French toast that I’ve ever had. Before this, all I knew was soft French toast but never going back to that now!

10/10 would recommend. Also try their pasta when you go there!


I love HIDE. The interior is so stunning and a meal there always feel special. This French toast is truly Michelin star worthy! I’ve had breakfast there a couple of times and have loved it. I love their scrambled eggs and the other vienoisserie they have on offer. I don’t love that the breakfast menu isn’t a brunch menu though, which means it finishes at 11:15am.

It has a brûléed top and is served with blueberry compote and crème crue (or crème fraîche) which are the perfect accompaniments – they cut down on sweetness and create a lovely balance! Waking up a bit earlier than usual to try this is deffo worth it!

Cédric Grolet at The Berkley

There’s been a bit of controversy on the prices of the offerings of pastries at Cedric Grolet and honestly, for what they are I think they’re mostly justified. The only thing I think is a bit ridic is the £25 cookie. That seems a bit excessive. With the high standards here, I wasn’t expecting anything less for their non insta famous offerings.

As part of their breakfast set menu you get 3 mini viennoiseries, a fruit platter, a waffle or French toast AND 2 drinks all for £50!!! I think this is such a bargain and an indulgent breakfast! This French toast is SENSATIONAL. It has an amazing sugar crust and a very rich interior. The plates at Cédric Grolet are also so so beautiful which all adds to the experience.

Tab x Tab

Tab x Tab is such a cute brunch spot. I am DYING to try their scrambled eggs and mushrooms cos they look so dreamy too.

The vibe of this French toast is very similar to the one at The Ninth but what makes this one different is the mascarpone cream served on the side. I really love slightly tangy accompaniments to sweet desserts! The only thing that’s a slight critique of this French toast is that the size is on the smaller side – which makes it a perfect dessert but for me, not enough for a stand alone meal!


I CANNOT believe it took me this long to try this legendary and popular Kinako French toast!

After trying this, I understand why it’s the only dessert option on the menu! Slightly crispy edges, the earthy matcha soft serve and the buttery toast = perfection! I truly get the hype!


**special mention! This isn’t quite a French toast but I think it qualifies!

It’s honey toast and its sensational! Think of it as a portable French toast. Handy enough to eat while strolling the streets of Covent Garden and dodging the crowds, this toast is such a treat! It’s crisp on the outside and oh so fluffy on the inside. No wonder it’s often sold out! If you happen to go and it’s sold out, everything else at arôme slaps. I particularly love the Vanilla Chocolate Brioche!

I hope you weren’t expecting me to select my favourite one at the end of this! Because honestly, I don’t think I can say I have a favourite because ALL OF THESE are just as good as each other. Yup, they’re all THAT GOOD. What a predicament to have 😭. All winners in this case. If I was you, i’d just make it a mission to try each one!

Happy French toast eating!

TMA ✌🏾

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