My favourite tasting menus in London

I have always loved tasting menus because why get a few things off a menu when you can get MANY?! These days tasting menus have become my favourite way of #treatingMyself (you know me, I STAY treating myself). I really love that tasting menus are an occasion and can make any regular dinning experience a special one. I also love that you get to experience the best food the restaurant has to offer in one go! I think tasting menus are a great way to try new cuisines too! I also like that they’re usually seasonal but will always have signature, well known and LOVED dishes such as the Jollof rice at Ikoyi, the chicken yassa butter at Akoko and the lobster pasta “thingy” at Alaine Ducasse.

So without too much talking from me, here are a list of some of my favourite tasting menus!


Akoko is one of my favourite restaurants of all time! The flavours are experimental but not too wild that the meal becomes unenjoyable. I’ve written in depth about Akoko here if you’d like a thorough review. They offer lunch and dinner tasting menus with the dinner menus being longer. That chicken yassa butter?! I think about it often! The staff at Akoko are SO LOVELY and you often run into Aji – the owner making sure things are running smoothly! ANOTHER THING I love here?! They have really good mocktails but ALSO AN OPTION TO GET A SOFT PAIRING ALONG WITH YOUR MENU! 🤯 Love it there.


Ikoyi walked so every other fine dinning African/ Nigerian restaurant/pop up could run OBVIOUSLY. Those Michelin stars? WELL DESERVED. No one does it like Ikoyi tbh. They push the boundaries of so many familiar ingredients and really challenge your perception of things you know. Similar to Akoko, I’ve also written more in depth about Ikoyi here. They’ve recently moved to a new location and I can’t wait for my dad to come and sponsor my meal there 😊.

Frog by Adam Handling

I can’t stop telling everyone about Frog. I LOVED the tasting menu so much. Every. Single. Dish slapped. Incredible service and incredible vibes. Frog also have a chicken butter that is SO GOOD as well as one of the nicest wagyu dishes I’ve ever had (slide 6)! I also tried (for the first time ever) a non alcoholic champagne which I really enjoyed! When I thought all the fun was done, a MAGIC little cupboard of treats was brought to the table. There were so many aesthetic petit fours (a few pictured here- slide 7 and 8). How cute! Defo a 10/10 would recommend tasting menu.

Alaine Ducasse at the Dorchester

Alaine Ducasse at The Dorchester and I go wayyyyyyyyyy back. It was my first introduction to the world of fine dinning and has been a family favourite for YEARS! They have this lobster pasta dish “Lobster medallion, chicken quenelles, Périgord truffle and homemade semolina pasta” (pictured on slide 2) that it JUST TOO GOOD. It’s a staple that remains on the menu and I am very grateful for that! The service is incredible and they really do pay attention to every single detail. Alaine Ducasse at the Dorchester is also excellent for special occasions. I love the Table lumière and everything it offers – you get to choose what Hermes china you want! Did someone say fancy?!


Ah! Hotstone. A very recent fave. They’re known for excellent sushi/sashimi and wagyu beef that you cook on a volcanic rock! It’s interactive, fun and DELICIOUS. The seared butterfish was TOO GOOD. Something about fresh fish that is just 😍. They currently have an offer for 5 courses for £29.99!!!!!!! I would get myself a voucher ASAP – check it out hereeeee. Wow, look at me doing free ads for places…. you’re welcome HotStone.

These are my current top 5 favourite tasting menus and I hope you have a chance to try them out. I’ve tried out some other tasting menus and you can find them over on my instagram!

See you soon,

TMA ✌🏾

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