Dates for ramadan

Hello all!

Cannot believe Ramadan is here! I pray this blessed month brings you peace and an opportunity to re-align, re-centre and re-focus. I hope you get time to spend with your family and with yourself. I also hope you get to eat some yummy things such as these dates!

I’m sharing a few recipes of the dates I’ve come up with over the years so you can also take part in #dateoftheday. These are some of my favourites. I’ve made some of these every year since I started making dates! I’ll update this page as the month goes on with more recipes but here’s one of my ultimate favourites to get you started!

The Twix date.

It’s so so indulgent and satisfies all my sugar cravings.

To make this date you need 3 main things (in a addition to your date); salted caramel sauce, shortbread biscuits and dark chocolate.

In the centre of the date goes the shortbread crumbs or chunks, followed by the caramel sauce. Set this in the freezer for a couple of minutes before dunking the dates into dark chocolate. Finish off with some more shortbread crumbs and sea salt. Let me tell you, this date is TOO GOOD.

The SWALTY date

Back with 2 variations of another favourite! There’s something about sweet and salty that I just can’t get enough of!

The source of salt here is the halloumi and the sweet can come from either of the following- honey or pomegranate molasses. The flavour of pomegranate molasses is more complex than being sweet of course. It’s a bit sour and a bit salty too! So you can either:

A) pan fry the halloumi, fill the date with pomegranate molasses and then the halloumi before topping off with some pomegranate seeds for extra texture!


B) make a honey halloumi date where you pan fry the halloumi in some honey before filling the date with this

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